What do Hitler, OBL and Stalin have in common?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by alib, Aug 2, 2012.

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  1. From Pak Tea House What do Hitler, OBL and Stalin have in common?
    The outrage at OBL being picked to wear the evil hat for the Umma amused me.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]I'd quibble with Stalin being the Dr Evil of unbelievers, despite the policy choices God seems never to have truly left him. He studied as a boy to be a priest in a Georgian seminary and like a lot of the old Bolsheviks liked to sing Orthodox hymns when drunk, though that may have been to annoy their Jewish comrades.
    I know he's does a lot of good work for charity but how the **** did Bill Gates get to be a numero uno Godless good guy?
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  2. They all have an 'L' in their name?
  3. They're all dead?

    Oh! They're all men!

    They all had a head?

    There are loads of similarities. This game sucks.
  4. They all had bacon sarnies for lunch, except for OBL. Oh, and Hitler cos he was a veggie. So it must be Stalin as he's the only one who had bacon sarnies.
    Oops, sorry, I thought it was the odd man out round.
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  5. They were all Arsenal supporters?
  6. The acknowledgments should have been a clue.

    The Relationship between the Degree of Professed Religious Belief and Use of Drugs, International Journal of the Addictions 17, 847–857
  7. Have you notice all the evil ones have mustaches.
  8. I was told that the link between Bush, Blair, Blick, and Hussein was that they are/were all lawyers, its such a nice thought I've believed it without ever checking it for truth; true faith in my opinion.

    The good guys all wear glasses is the connection (Martin Luther King was wearing his contact lenses when the drawing was taken).

    Edited to add; is that actually Martin Luther King, or Burt Reynolds?
  9. They're all dead? Do I get a prize?
  10. No too late, and besides even PA managed to get that one.
  11. They all died in suspicious circumstances that could have been a result of US Govt funding.

    So did Malcolm X and Martin LK. Bill Gates is pending.
  12. Oo oo they all like Jews? ..... Wait,wait.........

    Cancel my last.
  13. They were all Freemasons. Gen up.
  14. Did they all go to the same hairdresser?
  15. Is it because they were all very naughty boys?