What do Hitler, OBL and Stalin have in common?

From Pak Tea House What do Hitler, OBL and Stalin have in common?
“God bless Mujahid bin Laden”“God bless Sheikh Mujahid Osama bin Laden, and no consolation for the ignorant (Jahil) parrots of the West”These were the comments I read under the following (liberal?) image I came across Facebook… so here is some food for thought (or not depending on how indignant people get in the comments).
The poster/picture was shared by a Jordanian friend and the commenters below were mostly Arab, (though I think Pakistani readers would have similar reactions). Now the general sentiment of the comments was agreement with the captioning of the personalities, all except for Osama bin Laden. What makes the goal of killing for religion (OBL), better than killing under Communism (Stalin)?Here is another comment: ”First: Hitler was a disbeliever, originally did not believe in Christ, Second: Osama bin Laden, a man who acted when the world sat idle” (Hitler’s religious beliefs are actually not conclusively proven unreligious, however Nazism and neo-nazism today is heavily grounded in Christianity)”What does this mean? Do people outraged at Osama’s presence on the above poster support suicide bombing? Do all these people not see killing as a crime whether it is Americans or Jews or Muslims?Its not only us Pakistanis with masses of extreme wight-wingers, upset with liberalism, secularism, feminism and everything left of centre. Most of the religious world is rife with such destructive sentiments. The way a mass of us has been celebrating Mumtaz Qadri, the murderer of Salmaan Taseer, the same type of type of support groups popped up on Facebook for the neo-nazi Norwegian killer, Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 92 people in 2011. And it didn’t ened here. In an act of provocation the Thor Steinar clothing company, associated with the neo-Nazi scene, has opened a store in eastern Germany called Brevik, a name almost identical to Breivik. Neo-nazi parties and grops exist across Central and Westen Europe and are condemnable. There are many many examples of music groups, hate groups, individuals and churches that are know for being anti-Semite, pro-white and Christian. The difference is maybe in the quantity of support for these groups and national laws that does not give them space for great national and international impact.So when people who share the viewpoint of the image, say that OBL is evil, or a murderer, or just an all round bad apple, its not because he was Muslim or that they are pro-West/USA, its because of his actions. Anyone who has such a disregard for human life is evil. That is why we have law, and criminal codes and prisons and punishment, so that a Mumtaz Qadri does not wake up one day and go on a rampage because he does not agree with what you are saying.But is there a correlation between religion and ethics? Are religious people more moral than atheists or agnostics?Studies have found no difference between religious and non-religious individuals on unethical behaviors such as dishonesty and cheating, while a negative relationship was found between use of illegal substances and individual religiousness*. Kidwell et al in 1987 found no relationship between religiosity and ethical judgments of managers. Religion may not be the key to making you a good (or a bad person), and there is no conclusive study to say otherwise.**The picture also seems to show a (weak) correlation between mustaches and ethics. Get over it.Notes*See Hood, R. W., B. Spilka, B. Hunsberger and R. Gorsuch: 1996, The Psychology of Religion: An Empirical Approach (Guildford Press, New York). Also see Khavari, K. A. and T. M. Harmon: 1982, The Relationship between the Degree of Professed Religious Belief and Use of Drugs, International Journal of the Addictions 17, 847–857.[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]** See Parboteeah, Hoegl and Cullen: 2008, Ethics and Religion: An Empirical Test of a Multidimensional Model, [/FONT]Journal of Business Ethics (2008) [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]80:387–398.
The outrage at OBL being picked to wear the evil hat for the Umma amused me.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]I'd quibble with Stalin being the Dr Evil of unbelievers, despite the policy choices God seems never to have truly left him. He studied as a boy to be a priest in a Georgian seminary and like a lot of the old Bolsheviks liked to sing Orthodox hymns when drunk, though that may have been to annoy their Jewish comrades.
I know he's does a lot of good work for charity but how the **** did Bill Gates get to be a numero uno Godless good guy?


They're all dead?

Oh! They're all men!

They all had a head?

There are loads of similarities. This game sucks.
They all had bacon sarnies for lunch, except for OBL. Oh, and Hitler cos he was a veggie. So it must be Stalin as he's the only one who had bacon sarnies.
Oops, sorry, I thought it was the odd man out round.
The acknowledgments should have been a clue.

The Relationship between the Degree of Professed Religious Belief and Use of Drugs, International Journal of the Addictions 17, 847–857
Have you notice all the evil ones have mustaches.
I was told that the link between Bush, Blair, Blick, and Hussein was that they are/were all lawyers, its such a nice thought I've believed it without ever checking it for truth; true faith in my opinion.

The good guys all wear glasses is the connection (Martin Luther King was wearing his contact lenses when the drawing was taken).

Edited to add; is that actually Martin Luther King, or Burt Reynolds?
They all died in suspicious circumstances that could have been a result of US Govt funding.

So did Malcolm X and Martin LK. Bill Gates is pending.
Oo oo they all like Jews? ..... Wait,wait.........

Cancel my last.
They were all Freemasons. Gen up.
Is it because they were all very naughty boys?
I thought that was Hitler? That Buenes Aires guff never really rang true, did it?
Really? A lapsed Catholic, a Muslim, and an Orthodox sort allowed into the "club"?
So they've gotten to you, too? I may be the only one left...

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