What do charges mean?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by civvy_idiot, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. Hi i'm a civvy but have some friends in the army who have been charged because an incident i was involved in.

    Can someone tell what the charges are is just a mark on your service record? Also one has been put on a 3 month report what is this?

    I feel awful because alot of the trouble that has happened is my fault. Also if I put a statement in taking the blame would this make a difference to their charges?
  2. Depending on the alleged offence(s). A lot of soldiers think that if your found guilty for assault/ criminal damage etc in the Army, it's only on your Army record, wrong...all the details are now forwarded onto the Police National Computer...effectively meaning you have a criminal record. However, the offences do have SPENT dates due to the rehabilation of offenders act. Because of the 'Soham' murders, the two little girls, all offences commited in your lifetime are held by police agencies....this will affect your chances in the future when working in enviroments around children, ATR's, joining Police etc. Committing crime in the Army can ruin your life basically. And also if your married and your wife wants to work as a childminder etc and you have record for violence etc, this will also **** her life up. Can of worms anyone.
  3. As regards a 3 month report, it's an administrative procedure which is a bit like a 3 month warning where you are bound over to keep the peace. If you default in any way during the 3 month period, the powers that be can legally take the offence(s) which originally merited the warning order or report into account and either throw the book at you or throw away the keys!
  4. If the guy's were put on PUSP (Put Under Stopages of Pay) only to recoup damage done to Service Property, then this would not go on their record, if, on the other hand, they were Fined or otherwise (in addition to PUSP or on their own) then, yes, and depending on the degree of punishment, will dictate the length of time the charge stays on record for i.e Company Entries can stay on for 2 years (dependant on discipline record during the 2 year period, they can extend to 5) and Regimental will be spent after 5 years but will stay on record permanantly.

    a 3 Month Bender, as we like to call them, will warn an individual that if certain behaviour does not improve i.e. effiency, drunkeness etc then application for discharge can be sought by the Command under Administrative Discharge, it does not mean that they can throw the book at you and throw away the keys.
  5. Thanks guys I feel understand slgihtly better!!

    Only one person has been charged and it wasn't over a criminal matter or even damage to property or persons. But still feel rubbish because it still was my fault :( .

    I know the person who got the three month report is normally a very decent bloke (for a soldier :wink: ) and doesn't get into any sort of trouble normally. Also will stay out of trouble for the period of the report.

    Thanks again guys.
  6. You cant leave it there, Idiot!
    Come on, what was it you did and not them?????? fess up.
  7. Caught in a block in someones bed :wink: and they have a girlfriend in the same block :oops:
  8. oldbaldy

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    Yours I assume :D
  9. My what block or bed? it was neither :lol:
  10. Hardly Treason.
    Dont worry, it will not be on any civilian 'police record'
  11. I know it's not treason just feel crud because of getting a friend in trouble :(
  12. <eyes passim>
  13. oldbaldy

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    Good god we all get our friend's into trouble & then we go on the p!ss again to laugh about it.
    Move on.
  14. The Claw..you are correct.

    I got a reprimand for damage to property when I was in training in Catterick when I was 17. Although the civie police didnt get involved, the RMP investigated it and I had to admit my guilt. It was then forwarded to the CO..who then let the OC deal with me.

    I had to pay a fine for the damge..it was very minor.

    Didnt realize until recently that it was put on the PNC and Criminal Records Bureau. Effectively, I now have a minor criminal record.

    If your a naughty boy in the army, and do any offences that break civil law, this will go on the PNC. You must declare this for some prospective jobs ie The Police Force.

    Its actually quite easy to get a criminal record in the army.
  15. Its actually quite easy to get a criminal record in the army.

    I beg to differ. You are less likely to have any police cautions recorded...i.e never.

    Do you mean you are more likey to get caught and dealt with than civvy street? In that case, the RMP are doing their job.

    As for your example, criminal damage is criminal damage and you say you 'had to admit your guilt'? Was that because you did it or were forced into admitting your guilt, somehow?