What do Art Students do when they graduate?

I have often wondered what these tax dodgers will do when they leave the safety of Art School. When ever I have the pleasure of meeting one I always ask what they will do when they have finished. I tend to get a blank expression.

So what will these stoooodents do in the big bad world?
LordVonHarley said:
So what will these stoooodents do in the big bad world?
Claim benefits.
A lad on my main board did an art degree. He said that the rest of the course seemed to be sandal wearing hippy waste of spaces. He, on the other hand, is joining the army.
Join a bank thats what most people who have any kind of degree seem to do!
They enter the oh so important world of the Professional Artist - the ones who get paid hundreds of thousands for redefining the lives of the working man by sticking some elephant dung to a gallery wall.

You know, important stuff.
Can any one call them self an Artist or do you have to go to Art School to smear Elephant sh1t on a canvas?
Join the Army as an 'Officer!!!' or was that with an A-level in picture painting??
become officers who lack everything from commonsense to life skills but are very good at giving useless speeches and making complete asses of themselves
I've recently landed a job as a trainee project manager for a construction company & I studied history. I'm still trying to figure out how that happened :?

What did I do as a student? Well I pissed my student loan up the wall & tried to have my wicked way with as many young ladies as humanly possible! I also spent 5 years as a weekend warrior, which was probably the best decision I've ever made. It sure beats pouring pints at Weatherspoons & selling clothes in Next. Both jobs which I got fired for as I turned up highly intoxicated. Some people have no sense of humour...

I also worked at a bar in the French Alps & bumped into a load of Gurkhas on the dancefloor of Dicks Tea Bar in Val Disere one time, that was interesting. Once I was finished with crashing snowboards in France I figured I'd do a spot more travelling before settling down & being sensible. Unfortunately I'd spent all my money partying so I was a bit stuck. However, I managed to weasel my way onto a cruise liner & travelled around europe courtesy of Oceana. But I also got rather drunk there with the casino manager & so was given a free ticket home from Athens & he was sent back to Czechoslovakia. Naturally I'd never taken the jobs prior to my latest one seriously as I was only using them to pay for the beer fund.

What did I learn from my degree? How to bullsh*t & party I guess, history provides many wonderful characters from the past to learn from. :twisted: I did consider joining H.M. forces as an officer, I think I look rather good with an edwardian moustache, but I don't think I'd be content with the restriction of my liberty. Though I have the upmost respect for all those that do serve & have no time for the more hippy student types.

P.S. I believe most art students go on to do something like graphic design or advertisement as I understand that's the only job worth doing.
Proberly some dodgy government employement scheme such as army officer. That re-hab-harry-screw up doddgt art A level seemed to get the job done.
erm.......we don't all end up working in Macdonalds you know....some of us get to do arty stuff for a living! Yes thats right, actually get paid for it AND actually have to pay TAX! 8O Some of us even get to help others with our humble skills and not just by arranging the tins on the shelf at Tesco Extra in an artistic fashion! :D
It may not be as worthy a career as many on this ere site have but i like to think a world without the poets, artists and musicians of this world would be a poorer and less colourful one!
Judging from some of the replies, it would appear no that much different than the games we used and still get up to. Interesting to see some of the more cerebrally challenged adopt that lovely Victorian class division of 'them' and 'us'. The weapons may have changed but an oxygen thief will always be an oxygen thief.

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