What do all you fcuking *********** think of Deadwood then?

I watched Deadwood last night for the first time, and apart from the fact that I couldn't quite get used to seeing 'Lovejoy' (Ian McShane) as a bad guy, I quite enjoyed it.

As to the swearing, while I can quite understand that they wanted it to be more 'gritty and realistic', I think they've overdone it a bit, as there didn't seem to be a natural flow to the dialogue.

What's the verdict of ARRSE?

Ain't seen it, but would be a little disappointed if Doris Day didn't put on a good show, so I guess I am happy I missed it all.
Is this the spin off from Dr. Who? If so, I've seen just trailers and glimpses and can conclude it looks crap. Then again, I don't suck c0ck so maybe that's the problem. :safe:
Praetorian said:
Lessers in it?

Were they fit?

Im expecting links to piccies of said actress's here!
I won't give it away cos it's a nice surprise when it happens but I will say it's the two you would least expect.

I read a write-up that said the scriptwriters gave the actors the skelington of the plot and half the time they ad-libbed the story. I thought it was an interesting play on spontaneity.
Mag_to_grid said:
Isn't lovejoy the bad guy in quite a few films? Sure I saw him one about robbery or something.
..That would be "Sexy Beast"..Co starring Ray Winstone, Amanda Redman, and Ben Kingsley..Top quality film..Go see tomorrow..almost as many FCUKS as Goodfellas...Enjoy.
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