What do Adults have to do before starrting to train Cadets

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by BuggerAll, Dec 3, 2005.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Hypothetically suppose I want to start a new Cadet Detachment. For reasons of geography I can't get instructors from any detachments and I can't find any experienced ACF instructors willing or able to help.

    Hypotheticaly - I've got a retired Officers who is volunteering to be the det commander, the commissioning board have accepted him and he now has a (probationary) ACF commission. I also have an ex-senior who would like to be an SI and another person with no military background who would also like to be an SI. None of these people have criminal records or markers and the criminal records check is clean.

    What needs to happen before I can start recruiting Cadets?
  2. contact HQ , outlining what you have just said, work out your catchment area, is there lots of youths , schools, lack of youth activities, you may need open a Detachment bank account, prepare a training plan, you will also need a premises to train, renting a hall in either schools (which is better) or community centres if there is no MOD/ACF buildings available, be prepared to put your spare time in to build it up and build up a cadre of NCOs created from your first intake, recruitment drives will be needed to publicise the detachment as for the Adults not yet cleared theyw ould need to be supervised til cleared.

    to successfully get it off ground you need to have all the details planned out after all, Prior Preparation Prevent Poor Performance and if you Fail to Prepare, prepare to Fail.

    good luck.....
  3. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I should have been clearer.

    Hypthetically I've got the real estate, I'll write the Trg Plan what I was getting at was do the instructors have to attend any courses. Do all of them ahve to go. Can I run a unit with only 1 'qualified' instructor. Do I need an adult female present when female cadets are around - or vice versa
  4. I should hope that that, would not be allowed to happen.

    There are procedures for opening new Detachment etc, within an existing county/RFCA

    The likely outcome would be that you and your merry men would be advised to join the ACF, attend an existing Detachment for a period of time. Once you and your merry men are familiar with the ACF and the county, only then I suspect would they let you get a new Det going, subject to distance from existing Det, size of catchment area, sustainability, availability of Adults to run it, an a suitable location (Church hall, BL room, School hall, portacabin in a suitable location...)

    The advantage of attending an existing Det would be to get an understanding of a trg evening, and of course you and your merry men could be observed within the ACF.

    You won't be able to attend unless you have been CBC! enhanced (or the others had and you're in your final part of the joining stage).
    You won't be able train unless there is a First Aid qualified person there
    You won't be able train unless there is a a female adult, if there are female cadets
    You won't be able to do Shooting unless there is a Small bore qualified person.
    You won't be able to do any SAA, unless one of the instructors has passed their WHT.
    You won't be able to drive the cadets to another Det with a range or weapons unless you have an FMT600

    You would also be looking at to get the AI's to do the; ITC, AI course at frimley Park (FP)
    You would also be looking at to get Det Commander to do, ITC, AI (FP) and the KGVI (FP)

    some of the above can be waived by HQ depending on previous experience, but no way should all be exempt (Unless you have come straight out of a CTT)

    All the above are there just in case, hypothetically a bunch of iffy people wanted to start a youth group for the wrong reasons and have access to young people...

    Now, tell me hypothetically, why you want to open a new Det?
  5. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I've PM'd the above poster because I sympathise with his post and would share his sceptism. I'm proposing that an ACF unit should be started in an overseas garrison and am trying to find out, by way of background research, whats involved so that I can make the case to the local HQ before it goes to DRFC and the ACFA.
  6. Just to clarify (or disagree with) some of Dwills' advice.

    The only requirement for female staff is when training overnight. There is no requirement for female staff at every unit (although for personal safety reasons it is desirable).

    He's quite right about the First Aid aspect. There must be someone (could be a cadet actually) who holds a recognised adult First Aid qual present whenever the unit is open to cadets (not just during training).

    Before any training can take place in any subject, you must have an adult with an up to date qualification in that particular subject.

    You can drive cadets in your private vehicle so long as you are insured to do so. You would need an FMT600 if driving MoD or RFCA vehicles.