what did you sign on for


seems to be a lot of questions on what the ta do and what the regs do and how their hard done by with all the tours.
so why did you join up?, the army as a whole is being asked to do its job more now than any other time since ww2, no more emigrating to germany for years doing some training and a couple of exersizes in your time. same with the ta no more drinking club but asked to pay for the training given everyone would like a one army like the americans no difference between national guard and regulas soldiers.

so why did you all join? regular or ta no bites it is a genuine question


I tend to agree with you about the complaining; if you are in the TA now and do not want to go on op tours leave. CRF said (and I think it is still extant) the covenant now was if you join you WILL do a tour in five years; I have to say if you do not want to do that don't join. Seems fair enough to me.
Plus the financial up lift to civvy salary is fairly generous especially compared to the National Guard! I am a STAB incidentally. ET

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