what did you do when u left the infantry??

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by stinger_sweaty, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. Hey Lads first of all im not here to chunt or moan about being in the infantry, but just wanna ask some of the ex infanteers on what jobs you did when u left the infantry. Iv been in the infantry for over 6 yrs now, and to be honest its kinda pissing me off doing this job now, when i first joined the Devon & dorest's yeah it was a great laff and yeah ok there was some shit times also, i was a single bloke with no out goings and got laid pretty offten so it was pretty good, now since being in the rifles, i dunno but i just dont enjoy it has much has i did, my wife wants a divorce and im sick of ragging my body all the time, so if i do decice that i wanna leave in the future can any of you guys give me some ideas of jobs you did when you left the infantry???

    many thanx fellers :D
  2. Stay in. Civvy street is shit.
  3. Petrol pump attendant if you're lucky.
  4. Or go to the sand pit or the rock pile and earn a shitload of money which your Mrs will spend while you are away and still complain that you are never home.
  5. call center, Mac D's or factory work
  6. Security Guard.
  7. Are you getting the message yet?

    Unless you're lucky and fall on your feet once out or you have a particular skill set to fall back on then civvy street is dog poo. You might be lucky and land a job in the sandpit but even that's getting harder to get into and the money is nowhere near as good as it used to be.
  8. what do u mean by sandpit ie quarry work?
  9. SS I'm a stab but even I know you'd regret getting out now. Civvie street is dire at the mo, the recession is hitting hard.
  10. No; playground attendant.
  11. That's the same in the rock pile FJ- and there enough guys who have done time in both places that a FNG is going to have a very hard time getting hired at all- let alone all the tier 1/tier 2 stuff.
  12. chin up, man up and soldier on.
  13. Since there are none you will be doing nothing then :)
  14. BB your are right mate i know the recsession is hitting alot of civvies, but you gotta understand too mate i know some of you old sweats look back at ur days in the infantry and most likey have some fund memories of it, but its just not like that now mate to many back stabbers in it now, dont get me wrong iv made some good mates here and also met some utter knobs too, but i just think my time is up soon mate, iv done telic twice and was with bsc for one of them tours done most of my time in a rifle coy and just recently joined recce plt, but just wanna move on in life mate, and was looking for some helpful advice from the blokes whov done this before me.
  15. I think it was 195o something the last time I saw one of them, they used to give you stamps with your GALLONS.....FFS FSJ how long have you been away in the army now? :lol: