What did YOU do this w/e. me, I just stab people!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. Brings the number of stabbed in Lodnon this year to 23.


    Why can´t these buffoons go to a party, and not knife someone at the end of it?

    Wont be long now before any knife that is over an inch is banned. And we have to eat our steaks in the form of a milkshake.

    Or they ban "camping knives" ie swiss army, leathermans in attept to prevent knife crime, but we keep kitchen knives....
  2. Sadly, just another part of everyday life in Croydonia, the lavatory of the South-East.
  3. Hope those aren't lock knives Jarrod :(
  4. guy round by me got arrested other day for carrying a blade that locked - it was on his gerber
  5. Hi all, why do the Chinese use chopsticks?Do some research and you will find paralells to the current situation.
    Cheers :D
  6. Another "innocent" teen with no gang affiliation murdered in Londonistan.

    What a crying shame they aren't using LMGs therefore eventually negating the problem of teenage gangs.
  7. I say let ém carry, let em have guns too. Make special areasf or them and let Darwin go to work. The survivors can be used as berzerkers in battle, spot of crack give em a stanley and set em off in the direction of Terry.
  8. It's called natural selection.

    Me? I'd make it mandatory for them to carry knives and film the outcome for a new reality TV show sponsored by Wilkinson Sword.
  9. Urban myth mte, that´s why the Koreans, Vietnamese and others also use chopsticks. They were easy to make. Bronze and other metals have been used to make chopsticks too.

    It is true, however, that other "tools" were used as weapons. Nanchuks aren´t just two sticks joined with a chain. They were originally used for flailing rice. Most Chinese martial arts "weapons" are actually tools in their original form.
  10. The Gerber i use is illegal going by UK law, due to the blade locking, i guess leatherman are also in this situation.
  11. I have to use a lockknife through my job, however rather than attach it to my belt or pocket,which is easier to use, i now have to hide it away if a ferking toolbox. Which may sound, correct, but not when your hanging off a ladder.

    We also have to be careful when doing our job in a hose in case occupant thinks were going to kill them, which in some houses i must admit id like to.
  12. Yep.

    Just goes to show how fcuking stoopid the mongs in power (both sides of the house) truely are.

    You´ve stuck a knife in to some one.... face the lash.

    500 birch swipes should just about do it. Then see how Kool it is to knife someone, "don´t touch the back!!!"

    "Scuse me sir, do you mind leaving the pub, only your bleeding all over my nice chairs..."
  13. Bring back the birch rod.
  14. Can someone point out when lock knives were declared illegal?
    AFAIK those with a blade under 3" are OK.
    I've had a knife in my pocket for the last thirty-odd years because it's an indispensable tool & I'm buggered if I'm going to risk my fingers with a non locking blade.
  15. No wonder employers complain about the lack of education in school leavers it seems all our best and brightest are getting murdered in mistaken identity gang killings