What did this fall off?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 105AVRE, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. >?

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  2. The back of a lorry,lah?
  3. The Thomas bin?
  4. hahaha.....afv? light/heavy? 8) :wink:
  5. Looks like it's for use by a Cyclops. Rounded forehead piece, yet eyepiece dead centre?!?
  6. It looks like it's straight line, while AFV sights tend to be prismatic.

    What does the writing say?
    The yellow warning triangle looks like a radiation hazard warning, so I'd guess trilux illumination (once)
    The dovetail on the bottom makes it look like a sight for a ground weapon like a towed gun of some description, like a light gun or a WOMBAT, used for the direct fire role.
  7. It doesn't look British. What's the NSN?

  8. Is it Russian/WP?

    Any chance of seeing the reticule pattern inside the optic, if it has one? It looks perhaps like some sort of military survey or obs kit, rather than a sight
  9. i 'reckon its of Russian origin. i saw a scope in the 'jingly' market at Kandahar the other weekend, that was old and i can onnly describe as reminisent of something you'd look over the top of a 5 in deep trench with!
    the scope in the pic you've put up is similar in style/manufacture to the one i saw, albeit a different shape
  10. It's the laser site range finder sat for a time machine
  11. does it generate the required amount of power on its own to propel the vehicle at the required 88.8 mph then :D ?
  12. is it part of NOD
    From the old Surveillance troop days
  13. Far from certain but I've seen similar ones in the turret cupolas of knackered Iraqi BTRs.
  14. Well it has a NSN so that precludes it being Russki.
  15. The country code looks like either 22 (Denmark) or 12 (Germany).