What did the Nazi's ever do for us?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, May 22, 2012.

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  1. Reading yesterday about how the Germans created the Olympic Torch relay thingy (thanks Ugly) in 1936,which I was totally unaware of,I then began to wonder about any good things the Nazis did?
    Please avoid mentioning the more questionable aspects of their legacy - I'm looking for positive stuff.
  2. Motorways.
    Where Eagles Dare.
    Nazi-themed sexual perversions.
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  3. They were bloody good at blitzkrieg
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  4. "Coal scuttle" helmets. As used by all wannabe imperialists since.

    On a related point I never realised that the septics wore the same tin lid as the Brits at the beginning of WW2 until I rewatched Tora Tora Tora recently and saw the GIs running about looking like a load of Tommies.
  5. Anne franks diary

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  6. And they gave us ........ Vogelsang
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  7. Allo allo and Dads Army
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  8. A United Europe. Mk 1.
  9. I'm pretty sure if it hadn't been for them, none of us would have been to ...... BAOR!
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  10. I believe a lot of medical breakthroughs came from the nazi experiments. Plus the US space program.
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  11. [​IMG]
    Hermann Wilhelm Göring, role model for fat Walts everywhere.
  12. Ah, but IS it real? My mucker Helmut tells me it's a Zionist forgery.
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  13. What's the German for crab?
  14. The realisation that the far left are as bad as the far right

    VW beetle

    Cool tanks (Panther imo)

    High velocity anti-tank guns


    Battle and Commando comics

    Jet fighters
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  15. I've been in the apartment. It needs decorating.