What did Santa bring you?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scrofula, Dec 25, 2008.

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  1. I got a brand new hangover. Anyone want to compare carrots?
  2. Still drinking, hangover...........wait, wait, wait out.
  3. I got feck all due to the fact that i'm at work. Load of c0ck.
  4. Not carrots but i aint had a solid shit in days.
  5. Oh, Scaley, that's sad. Have a kiss from me and share my present!
  6. My 6th wobbly and an HMV voucher that cant be used online.

    I'm in Cyprus FFS :roll:
  7. As long as it's not the black mamba.
  8. Grief.... but it hasn't quietened down now!

  9. Nah Scaley, I've got a special box for visitors. In it is a gramme of coke, a Glock, loaded, and Bliar's home address....
  10. HERPES!!!
  11. Shiot, I just realised it's not Tony's address but some South American guy I met in a pub once. Menendez or something.
  12. Just been to inspect the fridge. Santa aint so bad after all!
  13. A Mountain Bike. Oh and a Shag, when I get back 8)
  14. Gastroenteritis.

    Had my head in the bog like a supermodel all Christmas Eve and swamped the bed with fizzy bum gravy in what I thought was just going to be a thunderous fart. It's like being hungover without the fun bit first.

    Fcuking lovely.
  15. Why does Santa always come in the dark and leave mysteriously? This one has been confusing girls for years.