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What did Santa bring you?


Had my head in the bog like a supermodel all Christmas Eve and swamped the bed with fizzy bum gravy in what I thought was just going to be a thunderous fart. It's like being hungover without the fun bit first.

Fcuking lovely.
Donkey-Spanker said:
The_Snail said:
scrofula said:
I got a brand new hangover. Anyone want to compare carrots?
We now have 3 bags of carrots and a dead dog.
Hello Dale,

Remember you used to like me until one bad post? Well i'm single now, and horny, and sorry about that post. Fancy a shag? I won't travel and can't accomodate, but minor technicalities aside, it's a fantastic offer. Whadya say? :D

If i was:

A) Female
B) The Snail
C) Gay

I would be extremely tempted by your offer, you silver tongued cavalier you.
Fcuk all because I decided to abstain from Christmas years ago; however, I have been given 3 nice Bank Holiday working days at double time which is always a bonus, & a nice new posting to somewhere in Wiltshire on 5 Jan - looking forward to that.
Best Wishes to you all for Crimbo & New Year :D
Brush, you bring to mind the lyrics from a song by The Selecter circa 83 oooooh sadder than sad Wiltshire. Like Warsaw with trees. Kisses, you're obviously not a bad man, and if you need a brief to get out I'm always here.

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