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What did Mohommad ever do ?


Mark The Convict

Meanwhile, over at ARRSE, yet another thread hurtles inexorably towards the Hole...

Mark The Convict

Is it school holidays over there? Has someone released a giant cloud of Mong Gas upwind of the UK?
He gave social inadequates something to blame their failed lives on. Or was that teachers?

Oh, wait no - it was social workers. Socialists? The EU? Anyone who reaches a different conclusion from them on the same evidence? Come on, give me a hint. Am I getting warmer?
Historically he is useful to the British. Robin Hood. All about resisting the power of the church. Henry 8th.

Then religion got taken more seriously by the masses (see what I did there) and more problems.

Oliver Cromwell.

Then back to merrie england (merrie meaning mostly pissed) for a while

Protestants and Catholics. Bloody Mary. Witchfinder. Irish troubles.

Then someone said "What we need is another effing religion here"

The only merit in that idea is that it reminds us we fail to learn from history. Take for example Defence Cuts ...

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