What did Mohommad ever do ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pintsgrove, Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. I bet that Mohammad never killed anyone. It's the people who kill in his name that are the problem.
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  2. Journo, schoolboy or Peter Dow?
  3. You've taken 3 and a half years to pen that?! I wait with bated breath for post no. 2.
  4. Learnt to spell his name?
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  5. How much do you want to bet?
  6. XERXES: The aqueduct?

    REG: What?

    The aqueduct.

    And the sanitation.

    And the roads.


    Public baths.
  7. Meanwhile, over at ARRSE, yet another thread hurtles inexorably towards the Hole...
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  8. And don't forget the Bacon Butty, it all went wrong when he realised that he had forgotten to patent it.
  9. Muslamic ray guns?
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  10. Is it school holidays over there? Has someone released a giant cloud of Mong Gas upwind of the UK?
  11. He was a WW2 aircraft designer. He designed a wooden high speed snack delivery plane for the NAAFI.

    The Mosque Eato
  12. He was much misunderstood even in his own time. For example he advocated giving adulterous women a couple of spliffs ....
  13. One of his adherents, after some self mutilation mishaps, invented curtain rail suspension technology. The hook and eye.
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  14. Interesting bet. Now go away and add some substance to that groundbreaking statement. And we rather hope it takes another three years to evolve before you appear again.
  15. He gave social inadequates something to blame their failed lives on. Or was that teachers?

    Oh, wait no - it was social workers. Socialists? The EU? Anyone who reaches a different conclusion from them on the same evidence? Come on, give me a hint. Am I getting warmer?
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