What did MFO stand for?

Know an American , he is a bit of a collector and battle field collector. Moving back to the US , he was allowed something like 50 M square for his ”house hold” goods.

Movers turn up, he did , does have loads of WW2 stuff, from 9mm cases to bits from tanks and aircraft, even some not quite legal weapons and ammo.

Movers , “OK , we can take the WW2 stuff but the WW2 fire extinguisher is a No , no , it might explode”?..

He had live rounds and even a block of German HE. All ok but not the fire extinguisher.


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I had a job that required me to live as a civvy at a place on the outskirts of Armagh city, I got there first, my accomplice was to arrive later, I was off at work on the day of his arrival. When I got home, I was aghast to see his three empty MFO boxes outside the house. Boldly written on the boxes and facing the street was his Number, Rank, and Name and in bold letters 'The Light Infantry' it frightened the bloody life out of me, but I survived and so did he.

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