What defines an English person

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by thecoops, Dec 11, 2011.

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  1. Tap What defines an English person in to google. look at the top result.
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  2. Some sweaty sock in charge down there today?
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  3. That is exactly what I thought.
  4. Aperson who believes in the rule of law over individual's, or finacial interests' rights.
    Someone who has sworn an oath and will keep to it.
    sOMEone who will sacrifice thier own comforts for the wellbeing of the Nation.
    Someone who will give to the Papists enough responsibility to hang themselves.
  5. Cecil Rhodes had it about right when he said, "to have been born English is to have drawn first prize in the lottery of life"
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  6. Someone who was born in England?
  7. A misplaced sense of smugness and arrogance?
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  8. Which reminds me of a book I own. "Peels England" by JHP Peel. In one of the chapters he is passing the time of day with a farmer in the north of England. A family of persons of colour pull up in their car, and proceed to have a picnic, the farmer turned to Peel and said, "they might be British, but they'll never be English" and I believe this is a big problem for the future, accepting that people of all colours, born in England are actually English, and not just British.
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  9. He also bummed his male secretaries mercilessly.
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  10. Someone whose leaders make him pay for the upkeep and wellbeing of others' countries. (See Scotland and Wales.)
    Someone who if he works must endure paycuts while seeing the unemployed of his country get a payrise.
    Someone who must scrimp and save to send his children to university while those in the north go free from his taxes.
    Someone who is slow to anger, but once roused FUCKING WATCH OUT!!
  11. And ?
  12. Just becouase someone is born in England it does not make them English. Your ethnicity can't be changed just by an accident of birth. By definition English people are white as they descend from Anglo-Saxons, not one Anglo-Saxon had a black or brown face. I am white and English and I could never be anything other than that even if I was born in Rhodesia!

  13. You forgot, someone that will lets hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants have a lovely free holiday in these isles.

    Oh yeah and they are a bunch of arrogant cunts
  14. It annoys me when I have to fill in a form and I have to tick White British. Why not just British?
  15. People of Colour can nevewr be English, Fact they can only ever be British, English is an Ethnicity, British is not!