What defines a Mong?

I was just chit-chatting with Ostvic in chat, and we were discussing the state of arrse (plc) at the moment. I said it was over-run by mongs. Ostrich asked ""What defines a mong though?"

My first answer would be "ice cream and laboons", but then I thought about this, and realised.

"Someone who posts shite when they are sober".

Beat that.
I am doomed. I head to the bar to drown the sorrows.
If your an alcoholic does that mean you cant be a mong then? :eek:


War Hero
Whilst we're on the subject, has anyone ever thought of giving them inflated condoms instead of balloons?

This will have the added benefit of hopefully rendering them infertile as they will consume so much spermicide in tongue to rubber contact :D

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