What decides which batallion I will be in?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by kspooshus, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. Hi all, I just passed my pre-selection for the rifles...it was my second choice though so obviously i dont know as much about the Regiment as my first choice.

    Anyway i was wondering what will decide where i'll be within the regiment say...1 rifles 2 rifles 3 rifles etc.

    Is it done on where you applied for the army(in my case dorset) or can you put in a preference?

    Cheers fellas

  2. Just took this off the Rifles web site:

    "All riflemen will be posted to Battalion locations depending on the needs of the Regiment. Individuals can express a preference if they have a particular reason for a posting to a specific battalion. Once posted to a battalion, a riflemen can after a specific period of time request a move to another location. Individuals will also be moved if it is in their career interest to do so."

  3. If you have a mate or family serving in any of them you can get them to claim you, not a definate but heightens your chances on getting to a particular battalion, it will however always come down to manpower needs.
  4. I should imagine a majority of the people who come from your neck of the woods will be in the 1Bn (DDLI & RGBWLI) in Catterick which are shortly to move to Chepstow later this year.

    You do though have a choice of which one you want but we all know that you'll end up in the Bn that needs riflemen and won't be your first choice.

    As 1Bn is going to be in 3Cdo Bde you'll need to be fitter than the average soldier in training so you can cope with the Commando course when you finish at the ITC, other than that either look on the rifles website or speak to your recruiter.
  5. Ah i understand now cheers fellas....ill just wait a few weeks and see...

    by the weay has anyone heard of this "SPC" course at Catterick for 3 weeks?? I was told that my run time of 10:30 wasnt up to scratch despite the interview i had at the ADSC said i had gained top marks for the command tasks and the PT session, gren range etc...it was only the run that let me down so now i have to do this course before Phase 1 training.

    Cant find ANY information on it, must be a locally run thing up there but it kind of annoyed me because my level of fitness isnt bad at all. i dont know they must have told me to do it for a reason, just wondered if any of you had heard of this course or not

    ta for info so far guys.

    Adam :meditate:
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Not much different to when the old LI had 3 reg Bns. 2 choices at depot and hope you are either the oldest in a bunch of youngsters or surname starts with an A!
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Oddly enough a lad I knew at school was badged RGJ and claimed himself to 1LI at the depot based on him knowing me. First I knew was when he turned up and thanked me!