what day does jpa pay go in

geekingreen said:
last month pay went in on the 25th does that mean its the 25th every month can anyone shed some light please?
I imagine that was because JPA is new to the Army. Once things settle down, we will return to being paid on the last working day of the month, as they are legally obliged to do.

Earlier payments cost the Dept a shed-load of interest!

our 'admin assistant' did mention that german banks would be the 25th from now on, not 100% mind, he doesn't normally make sense!
Was told last night the pay is run on the 24th so 24th or 25th I guess.
If it dosen't pay you then have to wait till next month progress is wonderful isnt it ?
Fcucking hell that means Cfn will be skint even earlier at the end of the month from now, with PAYD as well I can see an Admin Sgt having to pull his hair out :crash:

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