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What cunts makes you angry?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bushmills, Sep 3, 2013.

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  1. I am currently pissed off with the following cunts....................

    pls list the wankers who are giving you the shits.
  2. Yourself. Then everybody else.....
  3. Fuck off.
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  4. Fairy muff, :) but I'm thinking real crow boggarting bastard cunts.

  5. It'll make a nice stew.
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  6. I hate ones who's flaps are really big, and they dribble.
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  7. Why do you hate full stops? I find them to be quite useful.
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  8. Whats to hate about cunts? I like cunts....I particularly like to fuck them
  9. Cunts who write fairy muff instead of fair enough on the cunting internet.

    Them types of cunts really cunt me off. The spawny cunts.
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  10. I like dribbling cunts. Especially when it's my muck dribbling out of it.

    Keep the big flaps though. Especially the ones you can tie round your chin in a big fancy bow when going down to suck your muck back out. Don't want the slut pregnant now do we?
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  11. At least SausageDog seems to have fucked off.

    The daft cunt.
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  12. You've done it now.

    I'd actually forgot about that tedious cunt until you mentioned him.
  13. Go on, say its name twice more...

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  14. Cunts that can't drive over 40 mph, the fucking cunts.
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  15. I hate smelly cunts

    read into that what you further explanation necessary