What crazy thing did you do/would you do on leaving the Army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Louis_Cyph, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. I'm due to leave the Army next month and it got me wondering how I might celebrate/commiserate my departure. What have other members done or planning to do?
  2. I packed a rucksack and spent six months wandering around India and Nepal.

    The break helped me get used to being a civvy again without the pressure of having to earn a living straight away.
  3. Get wasted, and have a lie in, on a weekday!!!

    Could also go down the route of having a joint if you've been a good boy all the time you were in,
    and hit all the stuff you couldn't before!!!

    Mine was pretty boring to be fair, got drunk and lazed around for a month before satrting my civvie job!

  4. I am going to treat my wife and myself to a carribean cruise.
  5. Join the TA 8O
  6. When told I was "terminated" after 24 years I went and stood on the (forbidden) grass in front of Corps HQ. At night, mind. Crazy Maverick that I am.
    Then I drove round the M25 as fast as I could at 3 am. Took 67 minutes including being stopped by PLOD.
    I then took up shopping from other people's trollies.
    The fun never stopped.
    Until I joined the TA, when The Fools commissioned me.
    Now the fun continues, but in a kind of Grown Up way - ish.

    Good luck Louis.
  7. Interestingly enough I'm off to the Carribean also. However, I fancy doing something which is completely at odds with 'what is expected of someone in HM Forces' without ending up in jail with a big cell mate called Kim of a particular persuasion!
  8. My final night in was the squadron christmas do, CO, Razzer, wifes, chicken curry, lasagne, white parachutes and arctic camnets, you know the score.
    Anyway, some fag hag splitter had organized the entertainment and the main act was a drag queen. (why do birds think bummers are so great?)
    Said tranny was a complete nob and was getting on everyone's bristols, so I, and a few others, spearheaded a 30 man nekid stage invasion.
    Aparently one of the wife's complained because soldier X who was not packing much heat was milking up to a decent size in full view of everyone on the main stage. Later on, when the 2 IceCream was trying to grip him, I came pin balling over in the raw with swamp dripping from my old chap, and gave it the barrack room lawyer thing to get soldier X off the hook.
    The only thing that slightly marred the evening was soldier Y getting a nosh off the drag queen, and that's treading close to faggotry.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Only if you can't laugh about it in the pub afterwards with your mates...

  10. I stood outside looking at my old troop on parade at 8.30am and though "You'll be standing somewhere nearly every morning till you leave". I remember that thought as being quite profound at the time.... not so now, a bit nostalgic if anything. After that I spent the whole day in the QMs trying to dekit, the computer wouldn't let me leave the army!!
  11. Stand outside the Cenotaph in my demob suit shouting "Stop the War! Where's my TELIC 1 medal?"

    366 days to do.
  12. What that be 366 days and counting?????
  13. I only started counting today and I'll be giving up on Saturday when the maths gets too difficult!
  14. Joined another army!

    Pretty good with a pension already -highly recommended even.
  15. Didnt shave for a while, mind i finished on a friday and started new job on monday.