what crap should we sell the taliban

obviously terry gets plenty of cash from saudi and my plan for the new year is to get hold of some of that loot and off load some of the dangerous insane tat MOD have produced :twisted:

first in the catalouge for terry
85 pattern combats so they fall apart
the LSW A1
the cadet rifle
instant lamb granules
armstrong motorbike much classier than a jap motor even though the jap motorbike works :D
My wife the red haired slapper.
My ex-wife the red haired slapper!
johnboyzzz said:
Fcuk they'd be accusing us of war crimes mind you he'd either bore them to death or they'd top themselves rather than listen to his shite we could offload Ashie as part of an BOGOF deal.

Old style water proofs hear them coming from Pakistan and 58 pattern large packs so they cant shoot in the prone position :D
KGB resident. He would amuse them no end.

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