What crap is in your day bag for the hill.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by fish-head, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. I was out for a wee walk the other day and for once actually took some stuff OUT of my day bag.

    I was astounded at the amount of kit that I have built up over the years (that particular bag I got in emmm 1986)

    A head torch and spare battery (one of the older style petzyls).
    A waterproof notepad
    Dachstien mitts and over mitts (removed - swear by them)
    A first aid kit substancial enough to keep a doc happy for a month
    A spare torch (removed at the moment)
    Full set of waterproofs
    Warm clothes
    Map and compass, obviously
    A whistle
    Some FFDs (didn't know they were there)
    Some high energy scran
    Food for the day
    This week I had 3 litres of water, and could have done with more. Normally I have a little less and a thermos flask.
    A bivi bag
    Spare laces :?

    Obviously ropes, rock boots and a rack and harness if needed.

    With all that I should either be fit or very very slow.
  2. what type of walking are you doing?
  3. ECM, TACBE radios, flares, mine prodder, a condom and a blow up doll.
  4. FFS, why not just take the tube? :wink:
  5. Just had a rifle through my two day sacks:

    mtn biking bag:

    2 inner tubes
    puncture kit
    duck tape (the worlds best ever first aid kit)
    baby wipes
    energy bar
    smelly helly
    waterproof gilet

    hiking bag:

    Helly pile jacket
    prismatic compass
    zeiss binos (10x25)
    energy bar
    baby wipes
    mini maglite
    duck tape
    spare socks
  6. alcohol, map, mobile phone, fags, more booze, money for the pub we end up in. porn mag or daily sport. In fact fcuk it, I will just stay in and get p*ssed and watch porn
  7. Rubbers you dipsticks, don’t forget the rubbers.............................lol
  8. What cracks me up is that you'll have a daysack full of gear, most you'll never use but cant leave "just incase", plus your boots, waterproofs etc.
    You reach the summit, sweating your knackers of aftering carrying all that weight, then some smug faced fell runner skips past in shorts, trainers and a bumbag full of jelly beans..... makes you wonder.
  9. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    hee hee :D absolutely !

    Bloody fell-runners....fit barstewards. I guess the difference is they KNOW they're only going to be out there for two hours before slipping back into their wellies and Ganex macks tied up with ginger string and strolling into the handily marked place on the map with a PH symbol to top up their Guinness levels and have a quiet contemplative Woodbine.....whereas us mortals are still tottering up the path from the car park , wondering when the rain is going to re-start.....

    BTW, anyone here done the St Bees to Robin's Hood Bay walk ?

    I saw this in the Combat Stress Newsletter and had a bit of think on this idea....


  10. That is until they slip and break and ankle, and then they are stuck up there cooling off very rapidly because of the sweat and possibly going into shock, all the while trying to arrange all those jelly beans into some kind of covering.
  11. I think jellie beans refer to "Jellies" ie Tamazipan and when the shiit hits the fan they neck the lot transforming themselfs into a limp leg of lamb await discovery and a roasting with rosemary.......
  12. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Not one to underestimate the foolishness of going oop t' crags inadequately kitted up myself Bern.

    One of Britain's top fell-runners is a shepherd in the Lake District.
    Agree, he's just as vulnerable to ricking himself as anyone else.

    The difference between him and Joe Soap out for an amble in his open toed sandals and tee shirt on Great Gable/Helvellyn is that the fell runner has probably been on the hill in all weathers every day for the past year...and knows EXACTLY where he is and where the tomfool sheep tend to go too.

    Not all fell runners are shepherds o' course. All fit barstewards though!

    So, anyone done this St Bees to Robin Hood's Bay walk please ?

    Le Chevre