What courses are available for TA soldiers?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by WilliamHall, Apr 25, 2012.

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  1. Hi, I am going on summer challenge this year and was told i will need to start thinking of some courses I would like to go on after training. If anyone could tell me what courses are available that would be great, thanks.
  2. I would ask the person who told you to start thinking about it. You'll get no help on here apart from this advice - If you have used your name as a username, change it quickly.
  3. Why ? Thanks for the advice though
  4. not another 'who do i ask' thread!!! as the blind king said, ask the bloke who told you to think of something to do, and you need to change your user name because anyone with access to records can gain every bit of info about you. Call it OPSEC.

    ............and what is a summer challenger? is that 2 week in ibiza trying to get laid
  5. Wah shield engaged....

    Spend 5 weeks becoming a TA infantryman, get paid £1200, qualify for your first bounty and then, according to the OP, get to go on any courses you want. TA Summer Challenge - British Army Website

    Wah shield down.

    As for courses..not sure what they are. I certainly remember putting my name down for quite a few, along with others, but never hearing about them again.
  6. Depends on your trade really.

    Ask your PSI.

  7. Not a wah, I genuinely didn't know. Is that a new thing? I get to spend 6 week pickin up brass for 3 PARA on pond jump west in 96. not really a challenge.

    Just read the link. I did 2 weekends then 2 weeks training. looks like i missed out
  8. Its fairly new yeah, we've only been doing it since 2006, that's we as in 51 Bde.
  9. sounds like a good deal if you can get on it.