What counts as Current Affairs?

I agree with what you say. But if posters keep mentioning the toxic phrase "Tommy Robinson", this site will soon get closed. It's treading on very thin ice already,
You smelly fucking bellend, I think Tommy Dickhead features low on the scale when compared to such threads as "Who Would You Fill a Mass Grave With?"

Did I mention you are a smelly fucking bellend?
Oh Sixty, Sixty!
Sixty, Sixty, Sixty, Sixty mumbled-unknown-surname!

That said, moderation is a thankless task I guess. I don’t have the time to keep up with a fraction of this site, let alone being an NCO for it.

The weejend’s Allegation about the BBC is interesting if true, irrespective of the messenger. Stopped clocks maybe...?
I agree with what you say. But if posters keep mentioning the toxic phrase "Tommy Robinson", this site will soon get closed. It's treading on very thin ice already,
Was hit on the head with a quoit shortly after childbirth, thus resulting in spectacular unfounded and bombastic shoite posted across the internet.
I once started a thread on here (which is rare for me), and I got a slap on the wrist, or warning.
From one of the mods, I couldn't understand why, as it was a new story about a foreigner cancelling a massive redevelopment in Chelsea.
I can only assume that the mod took exception because it mentioned a football club.
I started a thread in the "Current Affairs" section about Tommy Robinson trying to get one over on the BBC.
Thread was locked by a moderator and the reason given was "its not current affairs".

Its an affair that happened less than 3 hours ago. So, what the f**k constitutes a current affair if that doesnt?

@Sixty please enlighten me.
Sixty doesn't like TR/SYL. And the owners of arrse have given him permission to play with their train set how he and the other mods see fit. For the most part they get it right more often than they get it wrong.
Just my two pence worth.
Please understand, that anything related to Tommy Robinson is very worrying to the site moderators.

The moderators are doing their best to keep the site going, against an increasing tide of Political Correctness which aims to shut the site down.

So please help them, by avoiding, if possible, any references to T.R.
It is the very reason that arrsers are allowed to have open and honest discussions about anything that makes arrse so appealing. If we're going to be banned from discussing certain issues or people, then we may as well be Dadsnet.
It's in the sub-heading: Politics, Geo-political Analysis.

'Self-promoting ******** gets a splash' doesn't count I'm afraid.
Actually, the sub-heading says "Politics, Current Affairs, Geo-Political Analysis."

One does understand why selective recall, acknowledgement, and enforcement would be of use to a Davos disciple, but wasting the utility on such as SYL seems petty.
I like TR.
When I have a little emotional outburst at some clown about their standards of driving , parentage and various other things, he makes me appear polite and forgiving.

Much like Ronny Pickering makes me appear Eloquent.

The cunt.


Ha, its not the likes of Tommy robinson or PCness that has killed the site its the mods who are so easily manipulated and their ******** mates that are left here its just full of the same 24 hour a day self important unemployed ex hat user/bores, all the characters have been are gone
I agree with most of that. A lot of the characters are no longer.

I doubt it's the moderation that's killed the site though. I'd say it's a combination of perma-sending alcoholic bellends, wannabee politicians, tour-dodging STABs, Brexit-obsessed mongs and never-served civvie turds such as yourself who infest the place with your shit dits and massive chips on your shoulders that literally suffocate the life out of any half-decent thread.

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