What counties are 100% pro-Israel?


Olmert told cabinet ministers that he sees with severity the UN decision, which was adopted by the General Assembly after an American veto at the Security Council, and which has created a schism in Jerusalem's relations with Paris.

"The government expresses full faith in the security forces and the IDF," he said.

Only six nations voted in Israel's favor: The United States, Australia, Micronesia, Palau, Nauru and the Marshal Islands.
Such almighty six...

Micronesia, Palau, Nauru, Marshal Island. It is quite clear why they voted this way. USA - absolutely clear too.

But Australia. Why this county appeared in this strange company?


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They have a hardline prime minister who is very pro US, and hence pro Israel
Knowing many Israeli Jews I can tell you that they would agree with me in saying that Israel is not 100% pro-Israel
Essex I would bet.

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