What couldn't you do without?

What are the things that you couldn't do without?

MDN has a young boy from Portugal called "Pedro" who performs "special" duties for him. It has often been said that without Pedro, MDN would fall apart and crumble (and his sack would be considerably bigger). MDN would also soreley miss pies, animal porn, dominoes menu, pies, tranny contact mag and finally, pies.

So, what would you miss the most?
Top of ORGs list would be

Pies ;D

animal Porn

Dominoes menu


Tranny contact mag

I wouldn't be able to go without a good dump after 14 pies.

I could go without having to look at some of the boat races down our families office sometimes though.........eeeeurghhhh!....... squaddies wives......and their damned ugly offspring....."Sit down love, take the weight off yer face......and have a pie.  Oh, you've already got one, sorry" ;D


Are army wives really that ugly then?
Is that why they house them in camps? Thoughtful of the MOD really.
I didn't realise. What a terrible shame ;)

I couldn't do without..

1 A pair of pliers to move the wash cycle forwards on my washer
2 A personal alarm so I can feel safe to enjoy Walks alone along the beach and in the woods..yeah i know no one would hear lol
4 Decent white wine
5 Filter Coffee to wake me up
6 The internet for daily laughs
1. The Internet  - Tis my job
2. Leggy Blondes
3. Leggy Brunettes
4. Cider
5. Vintage Aeroplanes :)
1. My kids
2. My laptop
3. My sense of humour (especially when in conversation with ORG......... ;) ;D)
4. My sax
5. My unquenchable faith in human nature (especially when in conversation with etc etc........)  :-*
Mines simple

My Hampton
My ego
My fridge
My string of bitches
My Roadrunner videos
My Axe
My Life
My M5
My Navy Extra Strength Plymouth Gin
its like drinking Avtur
Nice to see that you've got taste Lippy.........at last! Has to be the extra Navy strength though....HOW YOU DOIN...? No comment on the SRT-10 Ram? Where's ya taste?
If you could eat that with chips Lady.......well  me eyes are watering at thought of it.....go to a search put it in ....see the pics......then tell me if ya wanna have it with chips????
1. My right hand
2. My left hand (incase of right hand failure)
3. Coffee (typed with a shaking hand, 6 hours since last top up)
4. Oxygen (I'm a thief, I admit it :p)

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