What could he expect?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by PIEFINDERWALT, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    I posted this on the dis forum but thought I would try here a well

    I have a mate who is still serving (well at the moment) who could be in a bit of a pickle. Over the weekend he was involved in an RTA. He lost control of the van coming down a hill, flipped it on its side and hit another car oncoming only for a car behind him to smack in behind as well. He came away with not a scratch as did the others involved.

    As I said the van is write off. Now here is the problem. The Van belongs to his unit and he was using it for his own use without asking, He said he authorised it himself and had been doing so for a few weeks now. He has had to come clean to the weekend as he has no excuse for being where he was other then he lives there and its over a 80 miles from his unit.

    What could he expect?

  2. I have a feeling your "mate" already knows the answer to this question!

  3. He has has gone to where the fleet is managed but his wife has not heard from him yet so I asked here for her. He tends to tell little white lies at times.
  4. There'll be no biscuits available either.
  5. Make a sentence out the the following phrase:

    Fan The Hit Shite Has The
  6. From the civvie police side,aggravated taking without consent,dangerous/careless driving,no insurance. = lots of cash leaving "his" pocket and lots of writing on his driving licence possibly a short term ban.
    Can't say what the military will do these days,"he" deserves everything he gets in my opinion,taking the p!ss big time.
  7. Not only is he in the brown stuff but he has dropped his unit well into it as well.

    Where was the vehicle management and control?
  8. ;
    "Hello PIEFINDERWALT, this is 0A, reference decent CR and possible promotion...Cancel out"!!!
  9. Oh,and expect a huge insurance claim against "him"for the whipcrash injuries they all discovered when they got home and after being informed that he was driving without consent/insurance etc.