What could beat it!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ventress, Nov 22, 2003.

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  1. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Nothing beats putting one over those Aussie git$!

    Taking the cup off them!

    In Sydney!

    watching the Aussies getting their medals chucked at them!

    50,000 gutted Aussies!


  2. Indeed, it is a good day to be English. :D
  3. Oh great! In the Olympics if a Scottish athlete wins a medal they're British, but you lot are so selfish, why can't it be Britains victory???? Yes I am bitter and twisted ..... Make me an honoury English person... I live here, I work here...... we never win anything!!!!!!!
    Congratulations.....it was a great game...... :(
  4. its because of the jersey the scot wears a british jersey in olympics so hes british
  5. At the Olympics, we compete as Great Britain because the team contains English, Scottish and Northern Irish athletes, and the Welsh. At rugby, the teams represent their own countries within the United Kingdom. So, the reason that today's magnificent victory belongs to the mighty English alone, is simply that there were no Scots or other foreigners playing in the English team. :roll:
  6. Yeah kick a girl when she's down!!!!
    I feel a sicky coming on on Monday!!!
  7. Trust a Scot to grab on to straws. If england had lost she'd maybe made some other comment, maybe not.

    A great day for English, British and European rugby as it's the first time a 'Northern hemisphere' side has won the Rugby World Cup.

    What makes it all the sweeter is the way the Aussie press have been slagging the English side down the whole time as old, over rated and not on form. Well to be 'not on form' and to beat them, including scoring a try, should a) prove a point, and b) shut them up! :D

    Well done England!
    :D [​IMG] :D
  8. B0llocks, a great day for ENGLISH Rugby

    Just an interlude whilst i come home to change my now lager soaked England top for a new one before resuming the position.

  9. Roll on 40 years of gloating and near misses, then just having a crap team. :D God i am proud to be English.
  10. great match well worth getting up for, and very proud to be english :D
  11. well it was suggested creating a UK football/rugby team but it seems that the welsh/scots/Northern irish didnt want that at all, tsk tsk ruins of nationalistic blindness matey :roll:

    would have been better and we would have ruled the sporting world if we had the best out of the four nations :wink:
  12. Vespa!
    The voice of reason....my hero!!
  13. there is already a british and irish rugby team, The British and irish lions i think they last toured new zealand.
  14. A wonderfull day for England, what a game what a team, proud to be English ...................." Swing low sweet chariot............................
  15. well about bloody time too tho anyway , as im an Englishman first and proud to see my team win, bugger the tree hugging race equality poo poo, im English and proud of it :D , we should have a law respecting the British and English flag on par with USA also every pupil should be taught all the verses of the National Anthem and positive traits of patriotism :)

    ( not to be confused with BNP style NATIONALISM)