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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by KleenUpGuy, Dec 14, 2010.

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  1. I'm on the hunt for a alternative cooker for use whilst here in england on excersises, i am a keen fan of the hexi stove but after seeing many other sollutions such as jetboil etc. which is the best? Alot seem to take up alot of space compared to hexi stoves do people have problems with this?
  2. Stick with Hexi, it's free but maybe get yourself the cooker that fits under the metal mug like this; kit Monster
  3. Never had problems with space in the bag of my wagon!
  4. hexi it seems to be then... i dont have a wagon available, looking at "turboflame" lighters... might work better than my sh*te zippo
  5. msr firefly job done
  6. was about to say the same thing. Love mine.

    But pocket rocket is quite useful. Similar performance but a slightly more practical shape and comes with a nice case. I find the wide hob on the Firefly makes it more of a pain to pack than the narrow hob and folding prongs on the pocket rocket. I also know somebody who makes metal cases for pocket rockets to replace the plastic pots, so you can drop it in whilst it's still hot without melting the case.
  7. Stick with the zippo*. Turboflame can not be relied upon 100% and you don't need that in the ulu. Had 3, they work but must be treated as disposable. Only my opinion.

    MSR make 'kin great little cookers, its what all the serious outdoor, climbers etc use. I have a windpro, the gas bottle fits into a titanium cookpot and the cooker folds up and sits on top.

    * Note: Years back after I lost my nice PX bought Zippo I complained to a US Air Force guy. He told me that a Spam trick is to put an elastic band around the Zippo and then it becomes slip proof and will not fall out of your pocket. Since then I put them around Bic lighters, tins, mobile phones, Ipods..........'cos it works.
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  8. So did I (seriously!). He didn't tell me about the elastic bands, but he gave me a zippo. brand new. in a box. it had

    [​IMG] On the side.

    He was a Black Hawk pilot and was flying with 'SHAPE' from Germany.

    He said they're normally for sale but they like doing swapsies with British troops. 'Swapsies?' said I. 'But that means I have to..... aaah ****!' so I had to go and find him something overly British-army that yanks don't get to trade off for the lighter. I gave him some ration packs for his whole crew and one of those rubbish green stoves that signals dets get issued, with the see-through gel in bottles. He had gas rings in the chopper but I saw him and his mates up early in the morning sat on the runway with the stove trying to make rat pack chocolate pudding, and felt a little guilty.
  9. Jet boil - cracking bit of kit. Plenty of gas options, loads of companies making similar items and bottles. Got quite a funky lantern for mine that can light up the world if required. Yes they do take a bit more room but the option of a fooking quick brew wins every time.
  10. What about one of these? Camping equipment | Camping gear | Survival kit - from kellykettle.com... Home
    Size may be an issue although if you have a wagon it becomes a non issue! Being able to burn any old shit in it is handy as is the lack of open fire.
    I've seen them used in the past and I was amazed how quickly it would get to the boil. It normally came up to the boil within 3 mins and that was just burning old bits of newspaper.
  11. Do they still make Peak 1 multifuel stoves- bought mine in Warminster for about £45 twenty-odd years ago and it's still going, got a fair sized tank but runs on unleaded so fuel's easy to get hold of. I used to carry a spare half litre in a Sigg bottle just in case but can't remember ever using it. Very effective and recommended.
  12. In-inspected a couple of hundred of the feckers on H9, cracking bit of kit. (Gutted; I'd got one for camping just before the tour.)
  13. I'll give you an elastic band for your lighter ;)
  14. MSR looks the general consensus then?
  15. The MSR superfly looks liek a good choice? the XGK-EK seems to be abit large to store