What constitutes "Rules Of Engagement"/ Basra....All Areas..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by billyboy2423, May 21, 2006.

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  1. Roadside attack on Army Landrover - Basra

    I was appalled to see on the evening news last night, the situation where our lads on patrol in Basra, were attacked by roadside cullvert bomb, managed to escape with the wounded from their landrover only to take up a defensive position nearby and await support.Whilst the locals roamed free to attack & set fire to the vehicle @ will.I feel these people have nothing to fear from our lads. As they are not allowed to take whatever steps may be required to retake control of the situation. Are there any rules of engagement? anymore. Or are they simply not allowed to infringe on the Mobs, "Human Rights".

  2. Hardly worth shooting anyone who wants to burn a snatch (useless piece of equipment ) once your out of it .Let them take their anger out on it as long as our blokes are safe .The Aim is too build a safe iraq .As much as calling down a spectre on a rioting crowd might feel good doubt it will help in the long run .
  3. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Good call Woody - and fair do's to the lads for their restraint by the sounds of it.

    Frustrating, but that's the way it goes.

  4. i think the point raised was "the locals have no respect or fear of the brits who are trying to help build a new and free iraq...blah blah blah" which is being paid for by British blood.

    I would say yes a time and a place for a firefight but its a bit pants when the mob rules.

    I would say - more of a public statement made by the BBC by showing that clip on TV.... shows that the british would rather lay down on the floor than try to resolve a situation, not saying this the case merly what is portraid by the media in this particular case.

  5. I'm sorry , why should they fear the Brits? We're not there to opress the local population , or has the mission changed.

    Woody made the best answer to this question.

    I'm intrigued as to why it was posed in the first place.
  6. Thanks for the replies: Valid points all round..Didnt in any way want ourlads to be put in a situation whereby their safety, was less of a worry than the current politcal agenda dictated by pen pushers thousands of miles away.Wouldn,t want the" Argies"... ect, to think it was the latest training video.The 2423...was not my "last" 4

  7. Typo.

    Didnt mean fear.

    Didnt realise it was a competition to get the best answer in. i saw the news program too - looked like they "gave up". i think Billyboy is saying funny how the news can always be editied to give the right slant.

    Hats off to the lads for showing restraint in a tense situation

  8. If beatings and killings don't mean 'to opress' then of course you are right. The main problem of democratical opressors that they believe that they are not opressors at all.
  9. I understand where you are coming from billyboy2423, I also think its appalling with the way these young Iraqis seem to treat our guys with such contempt.
    In retrospect the fact they can engage in this sort of behaviour, is because of Operation Telic, which has brought freedom to these people that allows them the free will of choice to express themselves in a way they have never been able to do, without reprisals, normally ending in massacre under Saddam’s old regime.

    However, Soldiers are dieing or being injured on an almost weekly basis, due to Ied’s, rioting etc, with our guys in a situation where they are left piggy in the middle, with trying to restore order which I believe the majority of Iraqis want and also not infringe the human rights of the minority of young Iraqis taking an active part in the unrest, and just like in Afghanistan the majority of the locals know about the positions and planting of IED devices, which according to current information are being planted at a rate of 88 a week.

    Our police use more force than it seems our Soldiers are allowed to exercise to control that sort of behaviour in Britain, when it occurs, and I am not talking out of my Arrse here when I say that Iraqis know “The Minority” that nothing will happen when they carryout this sort of behaviour as the British simply get their heads down and wait for it to pass.

    Its time the Iraqi Police earned their Dinar’s, and take control of these situations as the primary force, with the support of the Coalition troops in the background, rather than the other way around, and leaving our guys in all round defence at the side of the road watching their Rover burning thanking god they are alive, waiting for their pick up back to camp.

    The sooner this debacle ends the better, for the sake of our Soldiers and the law abiding citizens of Iraq who deserve better than this after years of oppression, just to swap it for the Ali Baba.