What console to get?

I used to be a big pc gamer when younger and vowed never to get a console, but now.....I fancy getting a console, can't be arsed constantly upgrading a PC just to play the latest games.

Which box has the most bang?

I've read the web sites and reviews by 12 year olds, and I'm none the wisher.

Which one will allow be to have one of those cool laser guns off duck hunt. Yes I'm of the NES Generation. :)

I'm sure cadet will be along shortly to sort me out. :)


dont bother with choosing one over the other,if you have enough money get both a ps3 and xbox 360 more games to choose from then,but there arent many good games out nowadays,the older games are better,except the elder scrolls 5 later this year :)
Get on eBay and buy a SNES with loads of games, abuse it all year and then sell it for a profit at Christmas. Job jobbed.
What you'll need:

1 x Xbox 360 ~£200
1 x Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 ~£20
1 x Headset ~£10
1 x Xbox Live Subscription ~£15

Then you'll be away. There's 5 or 6 of us who're all on MW2 frequently. It's a good crack.
methinks you will be constantly updating your console to play the latest games.....they always seem to be bringing new ones out
True but if you add up the cost of upgrading your PC.
Graphics card, memory, CPU, Mother Board then it works out cheaper.


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£200-300 every four years to keep up with consoles. £1000-1500 every four years to keep up with PCs. I can definitely see the advantage, and like LVH I've been a PC gamer all my life.

The standard answer in the console wars argument is "buy what your mates own". The PS3 is a superior machine with so much more functionality to it (integral BluRay player being the big selling point), but XBox seems to have better online play. That said, you pay for the privilege whereas Playstation Network is free (and there's inbuilt wireless as standard). I certainly prefer the XBox pad over Sony's lightweight attempt, so shooters get a better time of it with Microsoft. You've also got to consider the platform-specific titles - e.g. if you want Halo, don't get a PS3.

I play PS3 and wouldn't swap it for the world, but if I could afford it (and the missus wouldn't castrate me for it) I'd certainly be looking to own both. Even that's cheaper than keeping up with the PC rush!


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I'd say the PS3 edges it for me. Wireless, Blu-ray and access to 4od and iPlayer etc. Online is free and works fine; what doesn't work as well is voice communication, but to be perfectly honest I can't stand it anway. Who wants to listen to a bunch of mongs arguing, coughing and sniffing all the time? I mute pretty much everyone with a mic. PS3 with COD Nazi Zombies online co-op, happy days.
Xbox360. I've played both consoles, and always go back to the Xbox.

The new Xbox is wireless, and the price of blue-ray players nowadays are so cheap that they negate the "plus points" of owning a PS3.

The only game that has tempted me back to PS3, is Gran Turismo......but I can live without it.


I agree with BNM that the PS3 is the superior machine, and the BluRay makes it value for money, which I why I chose it, and I always sing the praises as the online play is free too, unlike X-Box Live.
However, if I was to buy a console now, I think I would have to plump for an X-Box 360 because of the Kinect.
This may change if Sony bring out something to rival it but looking at their move system which is like a poor mans Wii, I'm not holding my breath.
Also agree you have to go with what your mates have to allow you to challenge them online.
Bruno you'd be great to have in the ARRSE MW2 crew. We have a right laugh.

Buy an Xbox you spanner.
I've just (in the past week) acquired a new shape PS3. Prior to this I owned a xBox 360 for the better part of three years, but when I got the three red lights of doom & the xBox went tits up, I refused to by another one. The xBox controller was absolutely perfect (and still is, as I use it on my PC), with control sticks and buttons in a perfectly natural and easy to find position & most tellingly your hands don't get tired using it! You have a very wide selection of games & very good graphics, but I can't help but feel the PS3 has the edge on the graphics side. The only problem with the xBox is that other than playable demos, you have to buy all the online content.

As I've just got the PS3, I'm still in the newlywed state of the relationship. However, I can see numerous advantages already, the power supply is just a simple two core stereo-type power lead, if it goes tits up, you can replace it for a couple of quid from nigh on anywhere unlike the xBox 360 brick of a power supply. Ditto for the video lead, instead of having to shell out £20-£30 for a new xBox lead any old bog standard HDMI cable will do (these are going for £7 in my local Asda). The controller to be frank isn't quite as good as the 360's, but in itself is still very good. I have finally gotten the hang of it and am not having any of the dramas I had when I first got it.

To the games. You have another excellent selection here too, perhaps not quite as many as the 360 (the xBox has been out a lot longer) though. However, the graphics will blow you away. Most recently I have been playing HAWX 2 & Need for Speed 5 and I could quite easily take all day off work and just crack on gaming in my pit. The PS3 is without a doubt the stronger console, if my xBox 360 hadn't popped on me though I would not have bought a PS3.

I can't comment on the PS3 online side of things, as I'm an expat contractor in Afghanistan the internet here isn't of a sufficient quality to allow me to go online, that will have to wait until my 3 weeks off every 12 back home (if my wife and son let me....)

To be honest I do prefer the PS3, especially once I get hold of the adapter lead which allow me to use my 360 controller on it.

However, if I was well into my games and back in the UK, I would upgrade my PC once every two years essentially future-proofing it and game on that instead. The simple fact that the games on the PC tend to be so much cheaper would outweigh the £250-£350 you would spend doing up your PC once every couple of years.

My final word on the matter, any man who wants to use a console controller over a mouse and keyboard on a first-person shooter is a ******* homo.
So.....to summarise.....we're all in favour of the Xbox360 :)

Are we ****. The PS3, xBox 360 & PC all bring something different to the party, but console-wise I wouldn't look at going back to the 360 anytime soon.


IMO, I played the PS3 but felt the 360 was superior. I won't be going back to PS anytime soon.
IMO I prefer the DS light ;)

Are we ****. The PS3, xBox 360 & PC all bring something different to the party, but console-wise I wouldn't look at going back to the 360 anytime soon.

So...let me get this right. You're a mahoosive fan of the Xbox, but not overly keen on the PS3?


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I also recently found out that you can plug a bog standard keyboard and mouse into the PS3 via the USB ports, which was obvious really. Mainly it's only any good for web browsing, but apparently some games support them as controllers. I would buy far more shooters on my PS3 if I could use my mouse!
I'm plumping for a PS3...... Never thought I would say that!

But which one, ebay if a wash with different models of the same console!

Is the 80GB with wi-fi good? you know, chip wise?
Pff PS3.

Bruno you'll find that after 5 or 6 games playing CoD and FPS games on a controller it comes as naturally as using a keyboard. Don't forget, I'm a PC convert too!

The only problem with PS3s seems to be the fact that a lot of games get hacked. Sure, the online gaming is free, but I don't mind spending the £30 or whatever for some protection against that shit. I've never ever been in a hacked MW2 lobby in the 1,000 + games I've been in, whereas on my stepbrother's PS3, maybe 1 in 5 is hacked to pieces.

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