What company ?

All VM's are action men (often not working properly, moving eyes and realistic hair) and as such go out on regular fighting patrols, recon missions and whatnot, so it won't matter what unit you get posted to.

On arrival at workshops, go to G10 stores and demand one of these.


You'll be fine.
If you wanted a combat oriented role then why join the REME?
He's got a point. VMs are not best employed under contact, so if you want infantry stuff then you might think again. A great trade and there are some exciting opportunities out there for all capbadges, but definitely not your best route to death and glory.
Always the same story.

Lads join the army wanting to eat their bayonets and piss razor darts but either get encouraged to go into a trade cap badge or have the foresight to see that having a trade at the other side would be wise.

If the army wanted to improve retention but maintain the fresh turn over of boots in the infantry it would make it easier then encourage lads with 2 years plus in the infantry to sign on for a fresh 4 year engagement in a corps.

That way the infantry retains the lads who were going to leave anyway so no silly amounts of money wasted on giving them a trade and the corps get people willing to dedicate a bit of time to the army.

Here Endeth my good idea.

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