What company teams have you being in?

I don't mean to be nasty 5.56 but you haven't quite got the hang of this Arrse thing yet. These boards are meant for semi-serious discussion - asking questions like 'can I sew my beret up?' and 'what company teams have you being (sic) in?' are bound to attract an array of dubious (and humourous) answers. Take Rab's advice - or visit the 5.56mm bone question thread in the Arrse Hole.
Cheers C_B

And 5.56, before you think we arn't as bad as the "nasty" people in the "other arms bergan" thread, we are........

But we have a certain level of restraint as we deal with your kind every week. Go to armycadetforce.com, before you do, pm Harry Paget Flashman on arrse, as he runs the other site. There you can discuss how much kit you have to your hearts content without taking a shoeing. This site is primarily for regs, even the TA take abuse on here. ACF instructors are probably near the bottom end of the food chain on this site, and are only accepted because the vast majoority of us are trying to convert chavscum into proper people. Cadets however, are not even on the same plane of existance as far as the majority of users on this site are concerned. This site isnt cadet friendly, so i'd leave now and save us and you a lot of trouble.

Its probably for your own good.



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