What comms gear has been preserved in UK museums?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by pandaplodder, Apr 26, 2011.

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  1. I was at IWM Duxford last week having a good look round the Land Warfare Hall (excellent display of military vehicles from WWI to more recent times, everything from Montys Field HQ to Pigs, Saracens and Challeys), must say that I was disappointed with the comms vehicles on display as they were all locked up.

    Didn't see any 432's, the Duxford Aviation Society does have its own Radio Society who operate GB2IWM everyday, they have a display of military radios from WWII (only two Army sets from what I could see)including two SOE radio sets (nice to know that Bletchley Park doesn't have the monopoly on these).

    There was literally nothing from the cold war period which is a shame, is there a list of what radio equipment is on display in the UK? I did see some Euromux equipment for sale recently and also these:

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  2. They're going back to this apparently..........
  3. Trouble is MoD doesn't store things like it did in the old days, storing things cost money so they get rid of fairly quickly, right now you can buy a Bedford with either a mux box or triffid box on the back, go somewhere else for the radios and so on, if its not collected now then it will end up being cannibalised or scrapped.

    Like I said they have a Chally at Duxford.
  4. This group has a QLR that went over Gold Beach originally from Y service and are currently restoring a WS10 trailer from group funds. My bezzer was ex RAF and then TA signals.

    Gold Beach 60 Years On

    WS10 Introduction
  5. Interesting. My dad was Y service, RAF, and I think landed on Gold Beach (not sure, and he's no longer around, just know it was D+4).
  6. Know what you mean, they should put health warnings around such equipment. :)
  7. I'm sure I saw a K*****d suitcase on display at the IWM around 2004 as part of a Cold War display.

    Not sure whether it was lent to the museum, or whether it was owned by them.
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  8. [​IMG]

    R18A-Line & Crypto
  9. I saw that too, as part of the SOE exhibit?

    Not too long ago since we were using them.

  10. It's all here, some you will know and others.

    Just found out one I worked with a lot was called 'Pontus' , that's that Swedish copper.

    Crypto Machine Menu Page
  11. I did a show at Earls Court circa 1988 about the anniversary of radio where a chap who was instrumental in making the suitcase set for the SOE and a FANY who operated it rocked up. Not a very good pic of the set but amazing to see one and the bods who used them.

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  12. Billy, thats right.

    I remember being told that we couldn't talk about the kit to anyone outside of the corps. Especially given that a couple years earlier I was attached to the Training Team that used to train recruits for * Sqn.

    It would be fair to say that I was more than a little surprised it was on display!
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  13. I know what you mean, even though I do a different job in another Cap Badge, I still get a little nervous talking about this stuff every time a new Sigs PSI gets posted in and asks me about my experience!
  14. Larkspur: