What come first? Rice or a $100.00 Laptop

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by nottyash, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7138061.stm

    Having just read this article, I am a little bemused.

    I for one believe in charity but, I am, I have to admit a bit tired of money being donated from whatever quarter, for governments, (And it has to be said, they are predominately African regimes), to line their own pockets.

    Now, some charities want to be able to provide sustinance and an education, in the form of a specially created laptop.

    I am familiar with the phrase, 'Give them food and they will eat for a day, but give them the means to farm and they will eat forever', but FFS.

    They now want someone to pay for their laptops.

    They will be suggesting next that we provide a bus service to get them to school, once we have built it, oh and whilst your at it, can you give us a job.

    It's about time the phrase, 'Charity begins at home' was followed a little more vigorously.

    I know of schools in my local area that don't have IT departments either and the kids are bused to adjacent schools.

    I am about to take delivery of a new laptop, which I have worked bloody hard for.

    I think I am going to email DELL and ask if I can have it for free.

    Edited to add Poll.
  2. They need alot more before they get technology. I to am sick and tired of the begging bowl being out with no apparent effort for them to start looking after themselves.
  3. I can't see a big benefit for these people in having a laptop for every child. A couple in each classroom for use by the kids, maybe. So they can see the a glimpse of the world and they'd be older than primary school too. I am thinking High School.

    Wouldn't they be better getting other tools? Ploughs, education on irrigation systems, etc. How about some descent chemistry stores? Unless it has all changed, they use tin cans and sticks instead of testtubes and holders.

    How about some wood work and metal work?

    What are they actually going to do to feed themselves and make money with a laptop? Other than internet scams :p Computers and the internet aren't a tool in their own right, (well they are to internet programmers but that is a bit of a niche, and I can't see all Nigerian kids progressing to that level) but a facilitator.

    There is a quote on here somewhere that says "the stone age was the intelligent use of crude tools, the technological age was the crude use of intelligent tools".

    I feel these kids need more of the intelligent use of "older" technology, before they start giving out too a laptop to every child.

    What ARE they going to use it for? "Hello, I am in Nigeria. Where are you?"
  4. You have it all wrong. Education education education (sure I heard that somewhere before) is all that these poor benighted people require.

    Get them all up to university standard of education and all their problems will be over.

    Now where is that tounge in cheek icon when you need it.

    Anyway if you really want to know the reasoning behind it the have a look

  5. Rice laced with contraceptive
  6. While we're providing the Laptops, do we need to supply generators so that they can charge them up?
  7. But maybe by giving all the children laptop's the scammers will create an empire with the children hitting the send button so even more people get an inbox clogged full of 'Dear Blah Blah ........ My late Father has blah blah blah.... if you send your bank details I will make you very rich blah blah'.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Contraception yes, but why use a member of the federal gobment to achieve it?!?! She already has a job, even though, one look at her and most of them will choose celibacy.
  9. I can see the points that they raise. BUT. What happens in 10 years time when all these kids flow out in to the job market. They have had computers for their time in school but the moment they get to their work place......

    "I need you to look something up, in a book."
    "er, have you got a laptop?"

    "I need you to plough that field".
    "er, have you got a laptop?"

    $100 per child (or $180 between two as it looks like it has turned out) could be better spent on other resources I am sure.

    As legs points out, how do these things get powered in their remote villages where a librayr is too far to walk? Villages like that have little capability of producing power, and I am pretty sure, even with laptops, a class or school load of laptops may strain that source some what.

    Also, a little problem of a Internet provider. I am guessing these places don't have broadband for a class load of kids to access.
  10. if they are they are in such dire straits that we have to give them a laptop each, then does that also go for a modem each, a phone line each, a power supply each and a job each so they can pay for their i.s.p monthly.
  11. From what I've read, they have a charger they can plug into a socket when they are in a place that has them. But they also have a solar charger for it.
  12. They still can't eat it, powered or not.
  13. Food aid is a paliative not a solution, it will stop people dying but won't stop them getting hungry again and needing more food aid. Education is one way of helping the next generation need less aid and being more self sufficient.

    Much of the problems in Africa, but not all, are due to the bad aid that has been given in the past, but that does not mean aid itself is bad rather we need to give 'good' aid.
  14. but do they need laptops to be shown how to use contraception :?
    i'm sure we just used bananas at school, educational then can be eaten after, two uses! :D
  15. For whatever reason, for centuries, parts of Africa have almost actively worked to stay in the dark ages. Look at the white farms broken up in order to give plots of land for subsistance farming, in many countries.

    The early aid packages were literally just a case of, here you go, here's some food. In a lot of ways I don't think the laptop idea is bad, just a little overeaching.

    In Britain it was seen as acceptable to have 1 computer per house (not child). In a nation where electricity and phone lines are prolific. The idea that every child needs a laptop is a bit utopian.

    Why not ship in "teachers" to teach the villages to pull themselves up? Teaching skills that will be usefull to the populace. It is all well and good to have highly educated children (and don't get me wrong, I would love to see EVERYONE reach their full potential) but what jobs or future tasks are they to accomplish?

    I can't think of any situation where a "fast forward" of education or technology has worked.