What "Combat" computer games do you play

I have set up an ARRSE room on the Delta Force 2 Server if anyone wants to play.  Just click to play online look for ARRSE 8)

Whilst this server will be up most of the time I may not be there.  If you want a game Message me via this forum.

Now I gotta get DF2 sharpish, any Brit Army Skins 4 it. One feels positively undressed, poling around in yankee clobber :)
No one seems to have mentioned half life, if you get the opposing forces add-on and play multi player you can play a team flag game(ie catch enemies flag while retaining your own), sh1t hot game, played in for hours on end and never got bored. All the half life series are excellent including couter strike which is anti terrorist stuff, all versions have multiplayer games and absolutely stacks of skins and maps on the web. Ever fancied dressing up as Homer Simpson ;D and blowing the sh1t out of people with pistols, MP5's, rocket launcher's, m249's, grenade launcher's, sniper rifles and finally the excellent and silent crossbow! Try it you can get the whole series now for about 15.99 and it will play on dog slow machines. ;D
Spotty computer geeks like me may be amused to hear that Novalogic's new Delta Force Task Force something or other has 12 Special Forces teams you can play.  22 being one of them and they are equipped with.......................................you guessed it SA80, not even the A2.  I hope it is an accurate repreentation in that it always breaks and when it isn't broken it doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, lets get it sorted then..... Medal of Honor being the preferred game of choice via Gamesspy. Tine and date? Bring ur mates, you'll need them:)
:)ive got medal of honour + op flashpoint,ive been looking for people to fight on line on the medal of honour site, but their is never anyone on their? :(

perhaps we could arrange a time to go on the site?
Rif-Raf, what version of MOH do u have? 1.10 or 1.11?
If your box is powerful enough, you could always host, name the server summat obvious like arrse. The setup dialogues are in the Multiplayer room. Don't tick dedicated server, and tick "play games via gamespy, and you'll be all set up.....

Let us know the times you'll be around, and then we can move on to the more complex issues , like using Roger Wilco for voice commands etc.


lol I'm going to develop this into a recruitment tool, get some regimental skins and the like... ;D
Ghost Recon and MOHAA
Not tried the Desert Siege yet though.

Two special characters in GR are brits, so try and do the whole game with just them!!!


(Maybe add a yank or two for a bit of target practice blue on blue fun)
I've got rid of my PC now and bought an X-Box.

Conflict Desert Storm kicks the arrse out of any of the Delta Force games.

You play through the whole campaign, can choose to be the Septics or the Brits.

Only yank weapons tho (mind you, thats probably not a bad thing..)  Also lots of vehicles to play with.  Definetely a good buy.
Just in case you didn't know  ::)

November 12, 2002


REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - November 12, 2002 - Help the Allies win victory in freedom's finest hour and to liberate occupied Europe from Nazi tyranny. Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: ERTS) announced today that it has shipped Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead, the new expansion pack for the highly acclaimed WWII PC action title, Medal of Honor Allied Assault .

The Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead expansion pack* has owners of Medal of Honor Allied Assault assuming the role of Sergeant Jack Barnes while continuing their fight from behind enemy lines in Normandy on D-Day to the Battle of the Bulge to the Fall of Berlin and the defeat of the thousand year Reich. More over, the game includes nine new single-player levels and over 12 new multi-player levels. Players can play as British, American, German and Soviet troops in an enhanced multi-player mode. Additionally, players have the ability to choose from a vast arsenal of authentic Soviet, British, American and German weapons.

*Requires Medal of Honor Allied Assault to play.
two of the best I'm playing at the mo are, of course MOHAA (excellent online with enough bandwidth) and the oldie but goldie; Project IGI in preperation for IGI 2.
Should be good!
been playing the demo of MOHAA Spearhead online.

Tis pantz. Malta map locks up, and the submarine map gets real laggy in the area of the smoke, i.e Nazi spawn point, which is really buggering about with my ability to waste people :)

tried the patch, doesn't really help.

Might go back to OFP, but the bloody interface is hardly intuitive.

Ghost recon is pretty good, just wish there was a way to increase the number of bods up to platoon size..

When we gonna organise a game?

Just a quick one .. are there any of you who would be willing to be a "technical advisor" for our mod and answer some stupid questions about Army Equipment, Organisation etc. (basic stuff really)in order to help us make our addons better?

if anyone is interested please  PM me


Well, been there, seen Spearhead and done it thanks to Gunny  ;D

Not entirely sure, good maps spoilt by arcade elements. I think the market needs a proper WW2 sim, with the playability of MOHAA , but the realism of Flashpoint or Ghost recon.

Is there such a beast?

This week, I have mostly been playing WW3 Black Oil by JoWood. Bit Command and Conquery but there you go.

On the subject of Flashpoint, instead of spending zillions on Computer Sims, why not just get a Games house to build one? I know several interested in such a scheme, both for purely military, and as a recruitment tool as per "Americas Army"

....It would be a bloody sight cheaper as well. Just try Flashpoint in multiplayer, to see what I mean...  ;D
Soldier of fortuneII is good for sneaking about shooting things.

1942 for PC - similar to MOHAA + Spearhead but supposedly better graphics and playability - not played it as am skint and can't afford fun things at the moment....

Sudden Strike is good though.

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