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What colour were Chaplains berets? green?


I remember saluting what I thought was an Int Corps captain in Rheindahlen in the 1980's but was rebuffed with " You don't need to salute me. I'm the Chaplain"
What's the difference between their berets and Int Corps?
Been on my mind all these years...


The difference is that a Chaplains beret is an item of divinely intervened head apparel.

And the Int Corps are hats.

Neither should be saluted.


...we seem to have a bifurcated thread!

Comes of discussing the sky pilots..!


He seemed happy to have got a salute, but then again we were only officer cadets and not real Toms. Apologies, I have farked up and double posted and can't find the delete button
The chaplains beret is the colour of ancient lies dusted lightly with evil jewish fairy dust. Goose shit rolled in glitter comes closest....!