What colour is the Royal Signals uniform?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by henrythompson98, May 12, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    Strange question: What colour is the Royal Signal's uniform?

    Is it navy blue with a red stripe going down the side of the pants?

    It'll all makes sense after, trust me ;)
  2. Green.

    Sorry, had to be done.
  3. Is it?

    I thought the passing out uniform was different?
  4. Green with just a hint of chartreuse surely?
    Do you mean No1 Dress Uniform?
  5. Yes, must be no1 dress.

    Do the Royal Signals have any uniform that is Navy blue with the red stripe?
  6. Dark blue mit red stripe down the the kecks leg.

    How, you want one?
  7. Don't they arrive naked and go around pointing to the Queens Crown?
  8. Depends what the QMs got on hand at the Depot I suppose.
  9. Eh? Never done that.

    No1 Dress, dark blue, trousesrs with red stripe. Buttons and other embellishmets as per capbadge-Regiment.

    You don´t get to wear them for pass out. Unless you´re at RMAS.

    Signals would have a Signaller in them, collar dogs to match the capbadge (one inverted), jimmys on the buttons, red backing on any rank/badges worn on the arms.

    A belt with a Cap badge style motiff on it.

    As worn by the PD mob, White Helmets and when getting married.
  10. Or if you're a Royal Marine, ah but there's style. :D
    Before you ask, I was 1st Trombone! :lol:

    Tidied up your gash spelling as well, you Bunting tosser.
  11. You´re in to a bit of Tromboning then? :twisted: What the hell is a Bunting tosser? :?

    Although my spelling is gash, and alwasy has been. The above mistake was due to bratty fingers rather than a spelling malfunction.
  12. [​IMG]

    :roll: :roll: :roll:

    We're not a Signals driver, are we?
  13. Nope, that´s how I know he isn´t naked. 8)
  14. Bunting Tosser = Naval slang for a Signals Rating.
  15. Royal Signals wear the standard No 1 dress.The size of the stripe on the leg is dictated in the dress regs. The No 1 Dress cap is dark blue with the cap badge in staybright with matching "jimmy" collar dogs.
    Belt, corlene (plastic), white with rectangular belt buckle and cap badge on the buckle.OR Black plastic ( highly polished) belt similar to the old LI parade waist belt.
    No 2 dress is again standard pattern with blue lanyard on the right( a lighter colour than the RE). 216 wore a different lanyard in a green sort of colour. Beret of No1 dress hat with this dress (depending on if you got issued one)
    Belt was black, white or green plastic depending on the occasion.
    Someone once told me that officers could wear a dark blue woolley pully in barrack dress (showing my age) but I never saw any officers wear it.
    Being a sad norman type I could have told you the NSN ten years ago.