What cnut made the Gurkhas do this?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EX_STAB, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. Firstly let me make it clear that I mean no disrespect to the Gurkhas in asking this question.

    However, who made the band of the Brigade of Gurkhas demean themselves by performing this:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrC4QgAc6DA ?

    It makes them look dire and hardly reflects well on their outstanding reputation as the fine troops that they are recognised as across the world.
  2. er voice gets on my t1ts. I wonder how she never got her throat cut by a Satee!
  3. I fail to see your problem here. The Ghurkas are doing what every military band do at shows, marching and counter marching . I admit if you're not used to it the fact that they do it all at "light infantry" speed can look a bit odd but that is the way they do it.
  4. Are you talking about the nepalese dancers, in which case they are probably not Gurkha soldiers. (although I will stand to be corrected on that fact).

  5. IIRC they are from 10 QOGLR. Even so, I am failing to see the issue here.

  6. Stand corrected. The Gurkhas take great pride in their traditions at our local barracks open day...and that includes the lads dancing. The fact that they giggle like girls while waiting to start doesn't make them less scary lil buggers 8O
  7. Stand to be corrected as well, but my understanding is the dancers are all Gurkhas - they are part of the band and they are all fully trained infantry before being selected/volunteering to train as Gurkha musicians at Kneller Hall. Have seen them do the same performance up in Scotland - wouldn't fancy telling them "they are demeaning themselves" =(
  8. This is quite a standard display and other than a Welsh Female singing there is nothing unusual about it.

    The Dancers are soldiers!

    Jai Nepal
  9. As I said I will stand to be corrected , which I am now doing! I remember in 2000/2001 at a Junior ranks party in Blandford watching the Fijians doing a couple of their traditional dances including a lovers dance. It was by no means demeaning and actually showed some real emotion from some rather big Fijians. But back to the thread I don't see what the issue is here?

  10. OK, I'll watch it again and re-assess it. The opening evolutions looked less than martial to my mind.
  11. You've obviously never served alongside the Gurkhas and so have never seen one of their cultural displays. The dance they performed was the 'Kukri Dance' and is one of the more traditional dances they perform.

    Do a little research before making stupid statements like "Who made the Gurkhas do this..??"

    JAI QGS...!!
  12. Just to lighten the mood a bit, here's something I lifted from the Gurkhas' website:

  13. Standard Rifles drill, round drill 'square'. Large paying audience. It's called entertainment.
    Now, why do you think they did it?
  14. The speed of drill is normal, it is merely faster than most line Regiments. The RGJ/LI/Rifles Band(s) would march at the same speed. As would the entire Regiments of Gurkhas and Rifles had they entered the arena. So to, incidentally, would the QGE, QGS and QOGLR had they. And their respective Pipers and Buglers.

    The movements carried out would be carried out by any Band or display group. I believe the RAF Regt Queens Colour Sqn do similar displays. All it is is a bit of showmanship. The fact that such a large band could put on a display like that inside such a small arena is quite a feat. As anyone else who has been on the arena of The Albert Hall can agree, it is actually quite small!!!

    The Kukri dance is a traditional Gurkha dance. If you watch the movements in it, you may be able to guess which part of the Gurkha heritage is is largely drawn from. Or do you think they unsheath their Kukris just to show them off?

    At most Gurkha events but certainly Dashain, Gurkha units will put on a show. THis will include the wives and soldiers, dancing to and playing traditional music and song. And, of course, a good curry.

    Trust me, the lads on the arena will not consider this demeaning. Although personally the Tai kwon do displays they put on our normally prett spectacular, ehere were they? I had the best 6 years of my career serving with the Gurkhas.

    Not so long ago when our fighting forces were larger and our commitments fewer, you could well have seen Highland dancers from the Scots Regiments and Male choirs from the Welsh, would they have been demeaning? The navy used to climb the rigging to music too.
  15. I used to love seeing that - IIRC it was cancelled after some Elf and Safety gnome got their knickers in a twist about it.