What clasp/buckle.

Just been issued my full set of No.2 dress, as i have just been appointed as Lord Lt. Cadet, however what clasp is worn with the white textile belt, it is the silver plate with mercian eagle or the gilt locket(identical to stable belt)
I have been given the silver plate with the mercian eagle on green backing because apparently the gilt locket is not to be worn ( i personally think it looks a lot smarter by most means). A picture of the belt i've been issued is attached.


Forgot to mention, apparently this is what was worn during the amalgamation on sept 1st. the reason for not being able to wear the gilt locket is unbeknown to me any ideas?
RACsucker said:
Ask the cadet RSM. Ha.

I should think it is the one you've got with the White Corlene belt even though the other would look better.

I know f ck all about it though... :(
It 's convention to wear silver with the white belt and gold with the green belt.

Reason being that silver colour in days gone by would have been proper silver and the gold colour would have been brass. With silver being more expensive then it's for best only. Gold colour being brass is cheaper for daily wear along with a green/dark colour working belt.
the reason the lockett was not worn on the amalgamation is because the lockett had not been procured so the old style buckle was used.but now the only buckle you should use is the new lockett.

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