What character would you play?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by steven seagull, Jun 6, 2011.

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  1. I know the "what's your favourite war film?" threads have been done to death but I watched "Cross Of Iron" Saturday night and couldnt help thinking what fun James Coburn had playing Sgt Steiner. Getting to wear the ally-est German uniform ever on film and brassing up Russkies with a PPSh - 41, whats not to like?

    What character would you want to play in a war film and why?

    Steiner for me with Sgt Barnes from Platoon snapping at his heels. (All the best lines, hard as nails and chicks dig scars.)
  2. the bloke donald sutherland played on kelly's heroes.
  3. Oddball.

    "Woof woof"
  4. Corporal Timothy Upham from Saving Private Ryan.

    He cries a lot and spends most of the movie talking shite and cuddling the sergeant.
  5. I want to play Nigger, everyone likes Nigger.
  6. One of those nodding birds.
  7. He also spends the last battle hiding in one spot. Your online camping tendencies shining through there mate :)
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  8. It'd either have to be the Sniper from Saving Private Ryan, so I can look cool and yell "PARKERRRRRRRR. GET DOWNNNNNNN."


    Rambo. I hope I can get away with a vest top and a bandana when I'm 95.
  9. Quite right I'm going to bum him the dirty little queer.
  10. Here mate, that's Ritchie, not me!

    Don't get yer wires crossed. I'm the hero of the 'Them' clan.
  11. *licks lips in anticipation*
  12. Fuck it, man, I want to change my vote.

    I'd be Iceman from Top Gun as he is an utter cunt + casually homosexual.

    My kind of guy.
  13. Piss off! I don't camp. I do some 'tactical holding'.
  14. Cock tease.
  15. You can be my wingman any time.
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