What changes would you like to see in the Army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by watertight, May 13, 2005.

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  1. Seen loads of posts on gripes about todays Army. Just wondered what things you would like to see change. Me, the obvious; less back to back tours and the ability to sort out gobby phase 2's, the old fashioned way. (The cock sure attitude of one phase 2 really fckuin tested me today)
  2. Speaking as a lowly STAB I'd like the replacment for the bedford fleet and a new genny
  3. Got the new Genny in the form of FEPS

  4. How about an allowance to buy a pair of combat boots (or payment towards them if expensive ones) rather being issued CAB's?
  5. I would like C95 that fits. Not all birds are fat.

    80 80 96 is too big.
  6. Dale - Is your clothing store a bit pants or something?
  7. All officers of field rank and above should be issued an attractive nymphomaniac PA who owns a pub.
  8. 80 80 96, remind me, which one is the breast size?
  9. we shouldnt have to pay tax whilst on operational tours
  10. King size mars bars in ration packs
  11. None.

    80 Length, 80 Waist, 96 Seat
  12. I had two Yorkie bars in mine the other day which was a pleasant suprise. I'd only ever had those dodgy cheap Scottish ones before (well and Mars Bars, but that going back a few years).
  13. Good shout. Bloody Germans/Dutch/Rest of NATO made a packet in Bosnia. What got me that the US Support Element used to visit on the last day of one month and leave on the first day of the next. Why? Because they were entitled to a tax free month if only one day was spent in theatre. I won't mention the LOA.
  14. I was joking, if any of them were breast sizes I would have pm'd
  15. any idea when it may hit ptarmigan stab land ?

    and will I need C+E licence ?