What CAS really thinks of Fast Jet aircrew

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TSRTOO, Dec 14, 2010.

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  1. One for you pongos to laugh at although you probably already suspected what's written below.

    I've always thought our senior leadership thought a little bit more of us.

    How about this from a letter by CAS trying to justify why we need fast jet pilots in the

    "More than 50% of RAF pilots at SO1 and above are FJ pilots (indeed, exclusively at 3* and above at present). This is not by accident or 'tribal' design - the very intelecual and mental capacity attributes that help distinguish a FJ pilot, coupled with their direct experience of combat operations and the command and control of combat forces, drive these statistics."

    Thanks CAS, using a Royal Marine catchphrse "99% of us need not apply" for suggesting we're nothing more than non-intellectual fodder then? I guess when all fast jets are gone we'll just have an RAF run by a 2* as we won't have anyone smart enough to make it further.

    And as for direct experience of combat? Pathetic. How dare you suggest that tooling
    around 20,000 feet above the action in your air conditioned office is direct combat.

    Have you even done that?

    Maybe you should actually get out to where direct combat is taking place and talk with your RAF Regiment gunners who daily take actual fire and risk death or maiming from IEDs as they clear the known perimter for you to get airborne.

    Maybe you should speak with your Merlin or Chinook crews who pick up soldiers and marines from the battlefield with various body parts missing. Speak with the loadies who have to sweep out the blood and body parts from the back of the helicopter after the MERT has launched yet again.

    Speak to your medics who see and deal with horrors of actual combat you will never, with your intellectual brain, have to deal with.

    Speak with our ATC guys and girls or the MT drivers who waited in Basrah tower for the next volley of rockets to come over the wall.

    Direct experience of combat my ar*e. Disgraceful and insulting.

  2. That bit about the RAF Regt is amazing. Direct combat indeed. Who does he think he is. Or am I missing the point?
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Oh dear, the 100 year experiment is unravelling fast.
  4. My eyes glazed over around half-way through.......perhaps I don't care enough about what the RAF thinks about itself?
  5. You submitted this over on PPRuNe about 20 minutes ago too... but it's a 2 year out of date quote from someone who USED to be CAS, and who has long since retired.

    "That bit about the RAF Regt is amazing. Direct combat indeed."

    That's a bit out of order, they may not be in FOBs in great numbers but they've had casualties from IEDs and direct fire just doing their FP bit.
  6. may be you should - it's symptomatic of single-service agendas that have been f#cking up our Defence budget!
  7. Now.....I didn't say that I wouldn't pay attention if it were my job to pay attention (which it isn't)
  8. The RAF Pilots have always had their heads up their arrses,30 years ago I had one bragging how the next war would be won by airpower Blah Blah,then came the Falklands,he was pretty quiet after that and even with FJ and CAS there´s no headway in Afghanistan.No boots no Win.

    That they´ve now effectivelly abollished the Fleet Air Arm´s fixed wing capability is really taking the piss,much better off getting rid of the RAF and expanding the Navy IMO.
  9. I totally agree with 'midnight' above. Fleet Air Arm operates world-wide, including on the 70% of 'world-wide' that is wet and soggy (or did until Dave fvcked it); RAF operates from airfields, except for the Harriers (oh! Dave has fvcked them as well).

    This government has fvcked completely all the bits of the Armed Forces that the Blair / Brown / 'Jackass' Stirrup Terror did not ruin.
  10. This is a bit unfair.

    The average fast jet pilot, despite the swaggering exterior, is very much capable of such emotions as love, affection, intimacy and caring.

    These feelings just don't involve anyone else.
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Man alive thats one rough NAAFI
  12. As pointed out this was posted on Pprune despite the fact that

    1. It was written by the previous CAS, not the current one

    2. The quote is taken wildly out of context

    3. The CAS who wrote it won a DSO for operating at rather lower altitude that 20,000ft during Op Granby, with multiple AAA bursts going off in close proximity to his cockpit as some annoyed Iraqis tried to kill him.

    4. Both the previous and current CAS know very well what SH crews, medics, etc do and have to put up with, since both of them have appeared at Staff College and spent a great deal of time saying to light blue audiences, plus - IIRC - at least one joint audience what an astounding job they think SH crews and medics do.

    And the previous CAS told a tale about an MT driver on one visit to Staff College which had already been told to the audience previously by two be-starred FJ mates who wished to make clear to their audience that if they forgot how important to the overall effort those who don't fly FJ are they probably shouldn't aspire to high command.

    Oh - and the source quoted is (or was until TSRTOO cast himself in the role of Pprune's own Julian Assange) protected and shouldn't be appearing on the internet...
  13. Could you elaborate abit more?

    RAF operates as widely as the Air arm, as we have JHC now, and Chinooks amongst others get sent off on ships about the place. Besides, Fleet air arm works from airfields to in operations like Afghan and previously iraq, that will be pretty much exclusive from now on, as the JCA wont be in-service for a good few years.

    Other then a threat that can be projected, what has the sea based units of the fleet air arm done lately out of interest?
  14. Have I missed something or is power projection not a huge part of their raison d'etre?
  15. Not really unique to the Navy, power projection is all of our games since the end of the cold war. I just dont get how people are saying the Fleet air arm should be expanded, and the RAF reduced, im not seeing how thats a benefit to our capabilities.