What career?

I'm 16 and have been thinking of what i want to do when i leave school, which could be later this year or in two years time all depends on how my exams go in may and june and school is trying to make us think of what we want to do when we leave, well i have a couple of questions to help me make a choice, do officers get to do the sports the soldiers do because i like martial arts and boxing but i've not read anything about officers doing it, do officers get to go out with the soldiers all the time, would you lot say it would be a waste of doing A-levels to then become a soldier, i come from a ex-military family and they are against me joining as a soldier, especially my dad as how he got treat, and who gets more over all fun?
These might sound abit random but i want to know.lol
I didn't join the army for medical reasons so I won't even try and comment on what to do in terms of joining the army - i'll leave that to the guys who know what they're talking about.

What I will say though is stick in and get the results at school - THEN worry about who has more 'fun'. As far as i'm aware the army ranks qualities over qualifications in an officer, although naturally being able to get good qualifications does help.

Don't decide you want to be a soldier so don't need a lot of qualifications because you'll end up aarsing about in school, which you'll regret.

Stick in and get as many qualifications as you can, the more you get the more doors will be open to you.

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