What career direction did you take on leaving the Corps?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bluebirdinwales, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. It would be interesting to see what different career options posters on this board took after leaving the Corps.

    I joined the Ambulance service after leaving in 1990. I started doing the granny runs taking them in to day centres and outpatient appointments before progressing to the emergency medical side in 1992. After a few years of studying and experience I undertook the Paramedic training in 1996.

    It’s a great job which is well paid and where you have the responsibility and the freedom to make your own decisions with out any one breathing down your neck.

    We have many people in the service who are ex military.

    I will keen to hear what the rest of you have done since leaving
  2. I run my own company teaching people to drive off road, bikes and motors. Built vehicles for films and also a military advisor for TV and films too (but not Soldier Soldier) And do some work for the MOD
  3. I joined AT&T and Philips Telecommunications, and basically carried on being a telemech (just paid a lot more and a whole less hassle).

    Ended up staying with them (became AT&T then Lucent) for 20 years or so. Worked my way through different jobs and ended up as Program Management Director. Spent about 8 years in the states and a while in the middle east sorting out the network in Baghdad (from the safety of Dubai).

    Now running my own project management consulting & training company & loving it.
  4. I left 12 years ago this July - stayed in Telecomms and worked for a number of Investment Banks and Big 4 auditors - currently in the square mile with another IB. Oh happy days!
  5. Uni, osteopathy course. If you are not married and over 25 you wont pay tuition fees, and the student loan has an uber low interest rate now.
  6. spent 13 years with Cable & Wireless, half of it doing network management/engineering, the other half in the Learning & Development Team designing & delivering training.

    2001 Redundancy unleshed me on an unforgiving world and that led to 8 years contracting at a variety of blue chip companies on a variety of training projects.

    thanks ot Mr Brown, in 2007 I was forced to set up my own training company (just me and the wife... but it feels good!) and we are keeping head above water at the moment.

    I've just taken a perm job with BAE after contracting with them for three. Designing training for an armoured engineer vehicle.

    Have to suggest that if you are a half decent instructor, can entertain & engage with your students, then the training industry would be a good choice.

  7. I plan on doing the same as you BBIW, but I take it you were a CMT before? Why is this in the Sigs?
  8. Please can you tell them to sort their fcuking berets out as they are currently a disgrace to the army then? :D
  9. Well, its a long time ago when I left the Sigs. I was a Comcen Op/Data Telegraphist, so I thought I might as well put my Sigs experience to use. After demob in '77, I went to college full-time and spent 3 years gaining IT qualifications at HND level.

    Just as well because I was 38 years old before I got my first civvie job as a main-frame comuter operator. Many companies in the early 1980s like today, seem to only recruit IT staff in their 20s. I was lucky that I was 'at the right place at the right time' for all the jobs I have been succesfull in with the recruitment/interview/job offer process.

    I have had quite a long and varied career in IT as a Computer Operator/Help desk Operator in the Private sector, and the Public sector. My last post was with a local Constabulary IT department for around 12 years. So from the age of 18 when I joined the Sigs, until I was demobbed in '77, then another 20 years in civvie street, I count my time in the Army as part of that IT experience.

    I retired a few years ago after finally achieving a BA (Hones) in Humanities. I personally do not think my Army Sigs career (just under 14 years) was wasted. It was a step into civvie street with an idea of what I wanted to do. :)
  10. Seems I've made quite a leap then, compared with most on here! Did my 22, finishing up as a FofS and then changed direction just a bit to become a Civil Servant for a couple of years - at Blandford of all places..

    Two years down the line, my dream job came up and I went for it - and have not looked back since.

    What could be further than being a FofS I hear you all ask...? Well, the user name should give it away I suppose, as I have been working for my County Wildlife Trust now for the last 3 years, and lovin' every minute! There's nothing better than being able to wander around in a woodland, without having to keep an eye open for suitable hide locs for an Armd Bde, or driving through open farmland and not having to check out possible high points for rebro's!!
  11. FofS? Geek? Make your own minds up :wink:
  12. No I wasn't a CMT during my service, I was a Radio Op. Posted first to 1 ADSR (Verden) and then 249 sigs (AMF) Bulford. As there was no real opportunities in civvy street for Rad Ops a change in career was called for.

    I have been a Paramedic for 13 years now and I also took a degree in mathematics with the OU for fun!

    I have also branched off into research, leading a couple of major projects on secondment and I have my research published in the medical literature including the British Medical Journal.
  13. Since leaving in Jan 2000 after 13 years as a data/sysop, I did a brief stint in C&W contracting in their business NOC at Wythenshawe followed by a permanent role at Marconi in Nottingham, then redundancy loomed so i took the enhanced terms they offered and left.
    Queue dry spell in the telecoms industry and me doing HGV work for 18 months before going to a major NOC in London for 2 years, followed by a move to Telewest NOC for 10 months before NTL closed us down. This required a Rapid move to the Highways Agency NOC which was crap but paid the mortgage.
    Im now working for Ericsson (formally known as Marconi) in Coventry with no plans to move anywhere for the next 20 years......

  14. .....and don't forget you do a bit of starring yourself *RSM*!!