What car would you buy?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Slightly_Nasty, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. My current motor, an X-Type Jag is looking old now, even with the private plate, so I'm thinking of replacing it. Factors to consider:
    I don't particularly like Ford or Vauxhall, etc - prefer something more upmarket.
    I want luxury and lots of gadgets.
    Prefer something with a bigger engine, ideally 2.5l or more.
    4wd a nice to have but not essential.
    Something to show off in, but in a classy sort of way - not some tacky boy-racer thing with go-faster stripes. I am, after all, over 40 now and look like a complete tw@t in a baseball cap.
    Don't need an estate, or even a saloon, just a boot.
    Something reliable that won't break down all the time, so no Alfa Romeos. I am also a complete mong with anything mechanical that isn't a lock.
    I have approx £15k to spend, prepared to go up to 4 or 5 years old and up to 50-60K miles.
    Any suggestions?
  2. A Saab. No question!

  3. [​IMG]

    Monaro, no licence, no question :twisted:
  4. Lexus, no contest

  5. I'd have a google on the Lexus range, sound build quality, quite a lot of low mileage around for a given year, and you can go from smaller model 2.5 or top the Lexus 300 within your price bracket.

    Failing that, sell your house and buy a Bristol!
  6. Hate to say it, but you would get a rather nice BMW Series 5 for that kind of money.

    Or a slightly right of field choice, Volvo with a T5 engine :)
  7. you could serch around for a decent range rover mate of mine bought 1 for 21grand abought 2 years ago mite of come down in price now. also what about a nice shinny bmw nice cars have 1 my self :soldier:
  8. Does a Subaru Legacy appeal?
  9. you could pick up a porsche cayenne cheap, if that floats your boat
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Forget all of the above. Get yourself an Audi A6 Quattro S-Line. All the gadgets (both under the bonnet and on the dash), with excellent handling, good economy, fast, roomy, safe and most of all - reliable.

    Mind you, the above is a classy car, and the fact that you bought an X-Type Jag (a Mondeo), suggests that you might be better of buying a Fiesta or something. :)
  11. Forget all of the above, especially the BMW x5, unless you are considering dealing drugs, or you fancy a Subaru or Saab and relish having to drive around wearing a balaclava so no one you know recognises you.
    Go for a VW Touareg, either a V10 or a 3l tdi. Best 4x4 on the road and a head turner too.
  12. E39 BMW M5.

    V8, 400 bhp, very smart and still gorgeous.

    What else can you ask for ?
  13. Audi S4 (saloon or estate), goes like bodily waste matter off a snow clearing implement, not as hated as a Beemer or its big brother, an S6.

    If you want REAL ponies under the bonnet, there are RS variants of the above which cost a lot more but will cure constipation with their acceleration!!!
  14. :)
    Ah, but I never said I was classy! That's why I need the posh car, to improve my image.

    Many thanks for all the assistance chaps. I particularly like the look of the A6 and the Lexuses... Lexeese... Lexii. I have now looked at quite a few pictures of a make called Lexus, and liked all of them.
  15. I think the only lemon Lexus produced was the Soarer, which was more a marketing thing that a car production" thing. They didn't really fit into any of the usual boxes for fast saloon/coupe/luxury sports/supercar

    The IS 250 AWD gives the traction option, but front engine rear drive isn't too bad for most conditions we would normally expect!)

    Plural of Lexus IS even more challenging!!!

    Lexii IS? Lexus Ises....