What can you do with your old kit?

Auld-Yin said:
I gave my kit to the local ACF unit - FREE.

Much appreciated by them.
I was going to make that suggestion myself ;)

Another member on here, Lairdx was kind enough to donate a few pieces of kit to my Det and it was much appreciated.

ACF units only get a very basic issue (never enough to kit all the youngsters out properly) and everything else must be begged, borrowed or ...err .... acquired by other means :lol:


Thats an interesting thought. Spoke to Colin about giving ACF guys free access to the site so it doesn't cost them anything to enter details onto the wanted board etc, can you think of any other ways that could help young people involved in ACFs who need kit through use of the Kit4x site? Maybe Colin could set up a donation address were old kit could be sent to and then passed on (just thinking out loud really). Interested in your thoughts.
I would have no problem giving my address to people who were donating kit to my cadets.

Our need is pretty dire as I'm parading around 30 cadets and only have 10 sets of webbing issued - you see our problem?
sundodger said:
this is my first time on this site i thought i would find a set of like minded guys willing each other on in the civvy world instead i find a bunch of winging gits moaning about someone doing something to make an honest pound get a life or at least get a job if all you can come up with is down beat don't bother

have a good day
Whingeing gits on Arrse? How VERY dare you!
Some people on this site make an occupation out of dripping. Although the original post was a bit, er, clumsy shall we say :wink:

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