What can you do at 25 years old?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Green_Homer, Sep 25, 2010.

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  1. Right..

    Girlfriend is 25 next sat and is winging about getting on a bit (I know, I know!).

    Soo.. to cheer her up a bit I've throwing a suprise birthday party for her and intend to stitch her up further by doing an embarrising slideshow presentation at some point in the preceedings!

    I've tried google and quite frankly it is quite wank so regardless of where in the world and how ridiculus they may be I throw myself on the collective wisdom of arrse to help me with a list of things she can now do (or benefit from) at 25!

    All I have so far is: still eligible for young person rail card and car insurance will go down! :(

    I thanky you in advance!
  2. I was going to say...satisfy a roaming 'cougar'. But realised that's not what you're after.
  3. Not quite but liking the creativity!
  4. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    sign her up for her Duke of Edinburgh Gold award before she becomes ancient next week and is too old ;)
  5. Trade her in for a 17 year old. There's far more things you would be able to use for an 18th birthday. And she'd be 7 years younger.

    Or get a 15 year old and look forward to being able to shag it. At least legally.
  6. Again thanks for the input!

    Thinking more along the lines of - she can buy booze in Dehli or Drive a 7 wheeled octupus in some state in the USA.. that sort of thing :)
  7. OK, I'll play your game. In California she can be a passenger in a car driven by a sixteen year old, whereas if she was under 25 she could only be driven by an 18+ year old: Answers.com - What is the Legal Driving Age in CA

    But I still favour the trade-her-in-for-an-underage-hottie approach!
  8. Ah much better! Thanks schweik!

    I'll bear in mind the trade in option! May give her a few more years mileage then go for the 19 year old swedish blonde
  9. No worries, but you owe me a beer!

    Google is your friend - keep plugging away and you'll find stuff. (I found the buying booze in Delhi bit, but still have not found the 7 wheeled octopus!)
  10. Now she's 25, she can have screening for cervical cancer, that's good then isn't it? Erm, nothing else really, it's all downhill from 25 onwards.
  11. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Apply to be a cast member on something like 'Amazing Omar's Triumphs 17: Spunk Eating Barmaids' and have her rectum stretched by a 10" black cock?
  12. She can no longer claim for youth incapacity benefit (which is only available for 20 to 25 year olds in certain circumstances): Incapacity benefit - Disability Alliance Factsheet F24

    If either of her parents is an employee of the Massachusets Institute of Technology, she will no longer be covered by their medical/dental/vision plan: MIT Human Resources | MIT Employee Benefits -- Change in Dependent's Eligibility

    Had she been a male in Japan in 1890, and paying direct national taxes of 15 yen or more, she would have been entitled to vote in the general election in July that year: The Encyclopedia of world history ... - Google Books
  13. True Gremlin but she could have done that at 18 though (or maybe she already has?!)

    Like the japanese thing!