What can you claim for when on a Course Camp?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Big Avo, Apr 8, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    With all the changes that have been made to the Subsistance, MOA, etc what can you actually claim for when you go on a Course Camp?

    1. You go to your TAC the day before your course starts lets say the Sunday 1st April.
    2. Your Regt have provided you with transportation to get you to the course, and the journey takes approximately 4/5 hours.
    3. You are accommodated within camp and it is PAYD.
    4. The course runs from Monday through to Saturday 14th April where you return back to your TAC by transport provided by your Regt.
    What could you claim for whilst on this course?
  2. If you had to provide fuel then I presume you can claim that. 1/2 day pay for the journey if they are before and after the official course start dates.
  3. They used to give you Allowances for not being Perminant Duty Station for the likes of a call home and newspaper, etc has that been stopped??
  4. Here's a novel idea: why not ask your PSAO or AO?
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  5. The last thing I claimed on a course was that I hadn't received the joining instructions hence failing the passing in test.

    They were very understanding and RTU'd me.

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  7. I went on a two week course recently and could claim nothing, you don't even get incidental expenses any more.
  8. Defence cuts eh, what a bitch. Queen and country and all that springs to mind. I wish i could claim for doing one of my hobbies! Rant over; now i understand that no one wants to be out of pocket for these things but I'm sure no one is forcing you to do the course, if you cant afford it don't go. Dont ask what the TA can do for you, ask what you can do for the TA!
  9. Yeah, Incidental Expenses got stopped last year, much to the sadness of the entire armed forces.
  10. Probably because pretty every single individual abused the allowance.

    It wasn't £5.00a day it was up to £5.00 a day unreceipted on actuall expenses incurred, however spookily enough every body spent £5.00 every single day of their absence :)
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  11. If the journey time was any longer would that alter anything?
  12. I would, but I would prefer the right answer, LOL. Don't think either of them know what they're doing.
  13. If you are away from a PAYD facility for over 5 hours on duty you are entitled to Day Subsistence (DS) for missed meals (receipted). That's the jist of it, for detail JSP 752 Chap 3 available on Armynet
  14. You can claim to be a good soldier, but you won't be.

    You can claim to be fit, but you won't be.
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  15. That's good of you.

    I'm sure no-one is forcing the OP to go on his course, much in the same way as no-one is forcing him him to be a TA soldier or actually attend, which is kind of the point. He may wish to ensure that he gets his CO's efficiency cert by getting a CQE in when he knows he can, or he may be doing a mil skills instructor course that his unit badly needs or he may have managed to get a rare as rocking horse shit slot on a promotion course - all things that are arguably for the benefit of the collective.

    Your gracious understanding that he may not wish to be out of pocket and glib miss-quoting of JFK speaks volumes.