What can we send to the Frogs to say thank you?

So what? In the middle of a recession, and in a part of the U.K. that has been fairly badly hit with job losses lately business comes a calling. By all accounts this company are well equipped and well capable of dismantling this hulk with minimum risk. It's what they specialise in. Would you rather it was ripped to bits on a beach by a bunch of Indians wearing flip flops and armed only with hacksaws and wrenches? Several environmental groups have come out and expressed no problem with this instance have they not?
It makes a change. In the past we demolished their warships for free. :D
Some Lamb or Beef.
Instead of dismantling it, we should repair it and give it to the RN in lieu of the CVFs........then invade France.
Why scrap it? It must be worth more either as affordable housing or a detention centre.

Or park it in the Thames and use it as a car park.


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Pack it full of explosives
Advertise in Walt Weekly for a load of airsofters and ex them walts
Sail it into St Nazaire docks
Let a load of real and serving RM and Army run amock down town
Leave the walts to pose and show the French (when they turn up) around their new toy

Press the button


Job done back in time for tea and medals


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The way the Navy's going, it looks like we've got the sixth HMS Illustrious.
Surely it would make a good target for an exercise somewhere in the sea and/or a suitable wreck for divers who want three eyes.

Why not get it shipped inland to a training area and plonked down... Useless but would look fecking awesome next to your stag position.


I dunno about you guys, but are the "Royal Galloglas Guard" wanting a navy section? Perhaps Jim Shortt could use some of his income from the IBA to buy it.

Heck, change it's name to EC Castleshortt and he'll rush over for it! (EC = Éireannach Cathlong = Irish Battleship [apologies if the Gaelic is wrong])
putteesinmyhands said:
Why scrap it? It must be worth more either as affordable housing or a detention centre

You can't do that, it's got 700 tonnes of asbestos on board. That would be highly dangerous and we could end up with detainees... ermm.. dying...
F_uck yeah, you get my vote.

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