What can we do with PRB to make it better?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by jonny_bored_bollox, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. OK so there is a current trend at the moment that PRB is pretty dire.

    Squaddies get bored so they get p****d and cause trouble.

    So how can we make it better? Im not on about the discipline but what facilities would help make it a better place to live and be part of.

    How about opening the Rally Club more weekends?

    What happened to the Paragliding Club? The air field can be used for winch launching when theres no Chopper Flying.

    Get the swimming pool opened up. Or build it as an indoor pool.

    What about using the area by the fire trg place for another motorx track and use cast harleys.

    Come on 1 LSR Skiers, hows about building a bigger ski slope, all you need is a bigger pile of dirt and some of that carpet stuff. ( im not a fan of skiers by the way)

    I could go on.....
    Anyone else got any ideas?
  2. This goes to prove that people cant come up with solutions these days, last night I posted two topics. One has now got two pages worth of replies and this one none.

    Whats the problem no-one got any ideas of what they want from PRB? Dont worry im not after anyone organising anything , just after ideas, or is it youre all keeping the ideas close to your chests to earn brownie points!!!!!
  3. Instill some discipline might help for a start and break up the home boy gang mentality, I heard that its even got to the point of gang colours Am disgusted to hear there are No go areas on the camp was there in late 90s and we hardly saw any fighting.

  4. No go areas - someone is having a laugh surely? Please tell me this is a joke.
  5. Just a rumour I have heard is all I am saying
  6. How about visiting some other areas in germany and realising that, facilities wise, you are actually quite well off (except for Fally, I will give you that)
    How about installing some good old military discipline and having leaders who, rather than whine about how arrse things are, get off their backside and help to improve moral amongst your troops.

    Just a thought
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Why not actually (shock, horror) ask the guys?

  8. Sorry to butt in however there is another thread about discipline.

    Lets just keep this one for the ideas of things to do on camp please. (my God I sound just like an adjudicator!!)

    MSR.. thats why I posted this thread, to ask the guys.
  9. Only spent 2 weeks at PRB (with AAC) but I'd say torch half of it, at least then you can start from scratch. Improve the NAAFI so it's no longer crap. Ban all the chavs from buying and driving MGs, the whole of PRB was full of MG 25s. They mentioned it before; discipline. There seemed to be real problems with RLC paying proper respects to any kind of rank structure (orifices and sgts/wos), the gate guards didn't have a clue and the whole atmosphere seemed to be full of disprespect and possibly resentment.
  10. Crabby.... I find that to be a very negative and childish post.

    Labelling someone a "chav" for something as simple as their choice of car will mearly insite this into becoming
    another slanging thread instead of the positive and constructive one that I'm sure Jonny intended it to be!!!

    Discipline is the job of every NCO in the camp, from Lcpl upwards, you should know this, and if you feel the gate
    guard is underperforming then pass it up the chain of command, its as simple as that,
  11. I have done my discipline rant on the other thread, so I will keep this to a facility (or so called lack off) rant on this thread.

    I have served in the odd station and can safely say as far as PRB goes it compares favourably with most.

    Cinema – Has crap seats but shows decent films, central to accommodation, usually empty.
    Gym – Good facilities, plenty of machines, in over 2 years have never had to wait for 1.
    Astro Turf – fully floodlit, booked by clubs most evenings, however not always.
    Football and Rugby pitches in plentiful supply.
    Golf course (and driving range) – not quite St Andrews but not a total flop.
    Clay Pigeon Range – Always advertising for beginners to have a go.
    Motor cross/Mountain bike area – good for a mess about and for the more adventurous there’s the 40 odd KM of the Bielefeld ridge.
    Rally club – not my bag but it is active (I am sure if you ask they will let you play!).
    5KM of perimeter road inside the wire to jog, skate, bike, walk (and unfortunately rag your car) around.
    Huge NAAFI bar with disco, games to take your money, pool etc.

    Swimming pool would be nice, however, the Regts (all of them) say they are to overstretched to provide manpower to run it.

    Just down the road there is a small town with amongst other things, Bars, restaurants, 10 pin bowling, swimming pools etc.
    Train station (excellent rail infrastructure) on the main line to anywhere, you can be in Garmish in 14 hrs without changing trains (not bad if you have a longer W/E break)
    Gerry Webber stadium (approx 10KM), sporting events, concerts etc.
    Bielefeld (approx 20KM) larger town, cinema showing films in English, a decent football team to watch and more bars, restaurants, leisure facilities etc.
    Winterberg indoor ski slope (1 ½ hr drive)
    And on and on and on

    I’m sure more could be provided, however its not quite the prison camp some would allude to.
    We all like to remember the “good old days” when we all got out and about and lived life to the max.
    I would suggest most of us went to the Sqn bar on Friday and woke up on Sunday with a f**king sore head. The difference being, if we messed up, We were (a) Taken home (b) gripped by the next person in the food chain (c) disciplined or (d) all of the above.

    Said I wouldn’t mention discipline (I lied).

    The fundamental problem in PRB is one of undisciplined, unmotivated Troops . And cutting through the crap, that is the fault of the C of C from LCpl to the very top.

  12. msr

    msr LE


    You don't 'ask the guys' by posting a thread on arrse. You switch off your computer, put your uniform on, take a deep breath, go outside and actually ask them, you know in the old-fashioned face-to-face stylee - "Here's what I am proposing, would you like to be part of it?"

  13. It was a negative post because even in the short time I spent there I found the general atmosphere and attitude completely wrong. I feel I should explain my car comments etc... The problem I had was there were several cars going up and down the road by the NAAFI with loud music blaring out, pissed squaddies and generally everyone avoiding or ignoring NCOS and the officers didn't dare go anywhere near. It does come down to discipline, which we're trying to avoid.
    Re. Gate guard; it's the attitude. It's a crap job but everyone ends up doing it. I did not make a complaint because when I was there I basically did what most people are complaining about; gate guards were RLC and I was attached to AAC, therefore I'm not going to kick up a fuss with someone else's reg. Overall this is wrong, especially if NCOS and officers do the same.
    PRB isn't terrible, but it has an attitude problem. As with most places the facilities could be updated, they could provide more and as a town Gutersloh ain't great, but it's quite easy to get out of Gutersloh by train.
    Someone mentioned the road outside PRB and I have to agree, it's a death trap. In a taxi back to PRB a german driver clocked 170kmh on that road (with me clinging on for dear life), personel pass in and out of those gates all days, as do their families on occasion. Does the army have any say over speed limits/cameras??